Left Winger Posts Photo of Giving ‘The Finger’ to Arlington Cemetery

Steve Cooper

This woman Lindsey Stone was on a company trip to Arlington Cemetery and she decided to post this photo as a joke, but it offended thousands of people. Now, there is a Facebook Page to pressure her employer Life to fire her.

I went to Arlington Cemetery in 2009 and it was such an awesome experience. You have to be a twisted left winger to even think of taking a photo like this in such a sacred place and then post it on a public forum.

This photo is protected by the First Amendment, but we also have the right to call her out for being the ‘left wing trash’ that she is. I wouldn’t be shocked if this this lowlife voted for Obama.


Facebook Page – Fire Lindsey Stone


More – http://thisainthell.us/blog/?p=32934

Lindsey Stone’s Facebook Page REMOVED


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