The Russian Media adores Rand Paul’s ‘Audit the Fed’ chatter

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Paul and his father, the recently-retired Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), have both long championed for reforming the Fed. Only in recent time, however, has that sentiment been seen elsewhere in Washington.

From Russia Today – Oct 2013


Rand Paul thanks Senator McConnell for supporting his Audit the Fed bill

I bet Russia and China would love the Fed audited.


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Rand Paul is Worried About Federal Reserve Nominee Janet Yellen as the US Marches Towards Socialism

Steve Cooper


Rand Paul should ‘pontificate’ about the dangers of Socialism and Communism, but instead he is playing games. Paul should explain to the people how shattering the economy would spike inflation and stifling taxes that will smash the middle class.

Paul should explain how the rich really fund the Democrats and that the middle class is their real enemy. Still, I see middle class Democrats that believe Obama supports them. It is pathetic how stupid and gullible these people are.

Instead, Rand Paul is repeating his fathers script (Ron Paul) about ‘Auditing the Fed’. Who really wants the Fed audited? I bet Russia and China want the Fed audited. This is who Libertarians really ‘work for’.

This is all just another distraction away from Iran building a nuke and the exploding US debt.


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