Predicted One Year Ago: Gabby Giffords Launches Gun Control Group

Steve Cooper

I PREDICTED this would happen soon after the tragic AZ shooting.

I said that the Democrats will prop up Giffords and use her  to push their gun control movement.


I made this prediction ONE YEAR AGO on 1/22/12 – Congresswomen Giffords to Resign this Week. Will the Left Use Giffords as the Poster Girl for Gun Control?

Arizona residents INSISTED on Facebook to me that I was wrong about Giffords siding with Obama to remove guns, but I was correct once again.

The Democrats are Godless and they have no soul. They exploit dead children and shooting victims as props for their gun grabbing agenda.

The goal is to disarm the middle class before the Elite pull the plug on the economy.

I will be correct AGAIN…

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