Judge Orders Colorado Cake Maker To Serve Gay Couples

Conservative News Update:

I have an idea: Go to another BAKERY rather than ramming your lifestyle into someone else’s face?


Christian bakers who refused cake order for gay wedding forced to close shop

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster


What ever happened to freedom of religion? The commies want separation of church and state, but they harass and threaten anyone that wants to be religious in their private life too?

Find another bakery….

Gays are the most radical and fanatical Marxists of them all and this is why the Left use them as tools. I don’t think these gays would have threatened the owner of a MUSLIM BAKERY, because their asses would have been in pieces on the sidewalk or arrested for a hate crime.


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The Secret Service Buys Up Coffee and Cupcakes from Virginia Bakery That Said No to VP Biden Visit

Steve Cooper

The owner of this bakery has guts. The Secret Service are some cool guys. I met a bunch of retired Secret Service Agents when I was a Police Officer and I was doing security for an Official Visit.

The agents were telling me how much they hated Hillary Clinton and Al Gore. They said that Gore and Hillary were very nasty to them, but Bill Clinton was not too bad. They also said that the Bush’s were the nicest people that they have ever met. They LOVED Laura Bush.