Report: In Moscow, Netanyahu Asks Putin to Take Lead from Obama in Iran Negotiations, as with Assad in Syria | Jewish & Israel News

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Netanyahu on Syria Crisis: “Israel is ready for any possible scenario”

Steve Cooper
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Bibi Netanyahu is trying to calm down nervous Israeli’s as they line up to buy gas masks and a missile defense system has been deployed on the border of Syria.

Obama has made this crisis much worse and it reeks of a conspiracy to manufacture something even bigger. Obama did a war dance last week only to play golf over the weekend. The media covers for Obama’s incompetence, because they know that it is part of a march larger scheme to get the NWO rolling.

Leftists are using Islam as a battering ram to destroy the US, Israel, Capitalism and freedom as we know it. Many Libertarians are also on board with this agenda, but they shout liberty as a way to appear like an ally to Conservatives and to incite unrest.

Syria and Iran have made it clear that they would attack Israel if they are attacked. So, why is Obama trying to spark this Middle East war that could turn into WW III? Obama clearly is not a friend to Israel and Bibi knows it.

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Bibi Netanyahu Goes to Russia to Talk With Putin About Weapons to Syria

Benjamin Bibi Netanyahu

Steve Cooper


Why is Netanyahu going to Russia? Muslim terrorism is being orchestrated from Moscow via Iran and Bibi knows it.

TEL AVIV, May 11 (RIA Novosti) – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will visit Russia to discuss the supplying of Russian weapons to Syria, a high-ranking source in Jerusalem told RIA Novosti on Saturday.

Netanyahu plans to come to Russia for talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, adding that the date is being agreed upon.

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CNN Anchor is an Iranian Nuclear Weapon Denier?

Steve Cooper

Candy Crowley belongs at NPR or the Huffington Post rather than CNN. Crowley also hinted that Netanyahu is a friend of Romney rather than Obama. Maybe it is because Obama stated in his book that he would side with Islam if things got nasty?

September Surprise? Obama Disses Bibi and the Jewish Vote?

Steve Cooper

Liberal Jewish Americans? Your wake up all is coming….