Bratton wouldn’t have returned as NYPD’s top cop without CBS’s John Miller

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Is Occupy Wall Street worried about the new NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton?

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Leftists voted for NYC Mayor Bill De Blassio, but they don’t seem too thrilled about Bill Bratton, his new choice to lead the NYPD. In this article from Gothamist there are claims that Bratton would have cleared Zuccotti Park in Oct. 2011 even faster than Commissioner Kelly did.

Useful Idiots like this are fast to vote in a tyrant and then they become upset when THEY become the target of the tyranny as well. Tyrants create mass graves to bury ‘useful idiots’ once they are done ‘using them’.

Bill de Blasio’s transition team did not respond to our request for comment on Bratton’s Occupy Wall Street remarks. But it’s not just Occupy Wall Street supporters who may be disappointed by our new commissioner’s fascist disregard for the Constitutional right to freedom of assembly.

NYPD Police Commissioner Kelly releases statement about the appointment of Bill Bratton

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