Michigan Man Wants $25 Million Reward for Bin Laden Tip

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

I never bought the story about the Pakistani Doctor tipping off the CIA. I have always suspected that was a cover story, because our enemies believed that Bin Laden outlived his usefulness. Plus, they wanted to help Obama get a boost in popularity since the American people were realizing that he was an unqualified community organizer.

Our enemies gave Obama permission to go into Pakistan to get Bin Laden and this is something that never would have been allowed to George Bush. Obama approved of the Bin Laden raid to take place after he released a birth certificate that was clearly generated on a computer.

I believe this man’s story…


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Rush Limbaugh: Maybe Al-Qaeda ‘Gave Up’ Bin Laden To Make Obama ‘Look Good’ (AUDIO)

Steve Cooper

I said that Obama was handed Bin Laden on a silver platter by our enemies many times on this website. The day after the Bin Laden raid happened I was saying this, but it went over mostly everyone’s heads, because the media and Obama has them eating out of their hands.

Once again, I was ahead of them all, Rush Limbaugh included.

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Was Osama betrayed to protect KGB asset Obama?

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Was Osama betrayed to protect KGB asset Obama?

Obama-bots celebrating Bin Laden’s death. Now you know why Obama delayed the press conference last night, because he wanted to stall for time to get the college useful idiots on the streets for the media.

Was Osama betrayed to protect KGB asset Obama? I believe so. The Marxists said it is time to get rid of Bin Laden to help Obama’s polls. There is no such thing as coincidences when you are dealing with these people. – Steve Cooper

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