North Korean Propaganda Video: “How You Are Being Mind Controlled And Don’t Know It”

Conservative News Update:


The propaganda from this North Korean Communist video sounds like the talking points Liberals & Libertarians repeat all day long on the Internet. Liberals & Libertarians would call it ‘anti-Fascism’, but that is used as a cover. Even the video description states “North Korea is one of the few places that the Banksters haven’t taken over yet”.

Libertarians also repeat the anti-war talking points that are contained this this video. I wonder if Ron Paul or Alex Jones produced it? The account that uploaded this Communist video has an Alex Jones video in his library as well. Go figure…

I found an old friend on Facebook and he explained to me that he was a “Conservative/Libertarian that believed George Bush was behind 9/11”. This ‘old friend’ also hated Ronald Reagan. Does he sound Conservative to you? I blocked him after he told me all of this nonsense.

Videos like “How You Are Being Mind Controlled And Don’t Know It” are effective, because truth, lies and Communist propaganda are mixed together to fool people into believing everything.

This video is 1:35 mins and it contains GRAPHIC CONTENT:

US Education Falls Behind Asia

Conservative News Update –

Sabotage of the US educational system by the Socialists is old news. These radicals seem more concerned about teaching diversity and accepting the homosexual lifestyle rather than real education such as computers, history and science.

The real goal is to make the next generation so ignorant that dependence on ‘big government’ will be their only hope. Big Government is a code word for Communism.

Are you offended? Good, so am I….

Do you want to learn how to hypnotize and brainwash?

Steve Cooper

The Conservative Monster


Do you want to learn how to hypnotize and brainwash?

This is a BS documentary about how 9/11 was an inside job. Look at the flashing lights and then violent images in the beginning of the video. The lights and fast moving violent images are done to open up the viewer to suggestion.

I bet about 100 million people have seen this video. It was all over the Internet in 2007 and it has fooled many people, because it mixes truth with lies. The 9/11 Truther movement is Leftist and Libertarian propaganda. Many Muslims have also jumped onto the 9/11 Truther bandwagon. I have been monitoring the 9/11 Truther movment since 2003 and nobody knows them better than I do. 

The goal of the ‘Truther Movement’ was to spread lies; confusion and distrust against the US Government, George Bush and the Republicans. The 9/11 Truther movement was used to spread disinformation similar to the propaganda that Russian and the Iranian media reported about 9/11. Russia’s proxy Iran; assisted with 9/11 and that is a FACT, but videos like this were released to try to ‘muddy your vision’ about who the real culprits were on 9/11.

I shouldn’t even post this video, but this is for educational purposes so you all know what to be aware of. There is a ‘war to control your mind’ and Alex Jones is not shy about admitting that fact.

I have seen several other documentaries use these same brainwashing techniques. This video is two hours long, but don’t waste your time. Just watch the first several minutes to get an idea of how the producers of this film wanted to ‘open up the viewer’ to suggestion.

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Communism for Dummies

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

Remember folks communism is about equality; at least that is what they say, but there is nothing equal about it. Let’s talk about the poor people first because they are the easiest.

  • The poor people have nothing and they will remain to have nothing. Maybe they will get a free cell phone but that’s it.
  • The middle class will be destroyed and they will be no better than the poor, but they believe the total opposite. They will work harder for LESS to support the agenda.
  • Do you really believe that super wealthy people that support Obama care about the middle class? You are NAIVE.

The middle class believe that the wealth of the elite will trickle down to them and they are dreaming.

  • People that actually have some money (upper middle class) might be able to keep some of it but they won’t be part of the Elite class.
  • The very powerful connected people have a better shot at being in the ‘Elite Class’, but money is not enough. This is why Hollywood millionaires donate so much money to Obama. They want to be on his good side when ‘tyranny arrives’.

Russia and China want to get rid of the dollar as the world’s currency. What if the dollar is revalued at 20 percent of what it is today? If you have $100,000 in the bank now you only have $20,000. How does that change sound to you?

Do you think it can’t happen? Think again.

What if money is eliminated totally in exchange for government services? What if all paper money is now illegal?

If the Government equally confiscates wealth from everyone than that is equal justice. Right? This means people that had something will now have nothing and they will be equal with the poor. There is your justice. Then you will say “They can’t do that, because the people will revolt”. Don’t worry, Homeland Security has plenty of ammo to squash that idea. Plus, the US Military has electromagnetic weapons that will fry you right where you stand.

College kids – They used to be told by their professors that they will be part of the Elite once they graduate. Of course, many graduates found out that was a lie once they entered the real world.

Today, Professors are clearly brainwashing these kids to believe that revolution is needed to bring about the change that will ensure them a future since there are NO JOBS. This is why you are seeing many ‘educated’ young adults become violent mass shooters. The antisocial attitude is being embedded into their heads by Liberal professors and parents.

One more thing: Remember that Fascism can turn into Communism with one blink of an eye. This is why Putin’s cronies are scared to death of him.


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Happy Monster Mommy Day: Don’t Let Liberals Brainwash Your Kids

Happy Mothers Day

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

First, Happy Mothers day to all of you that support The Conservative Monster. It is safe to say that The Conservative Monster possibly has more women readers than men. I have not done an official survey, but I would give women the edge. Thank you.

The Conservative women’s movement has impressed me greatly and I am sure that the Democrats are intimidated by it, but they will never admit it publicly.

Keep up the great work, BUT the most important job is to make sure that YOUR CHILDREN don’t get brainwashed. Your child loses his soul and spirit once these Big Government Marxist Professors sink their teeth into them.

McCarthyism in the Universities is the only thing that will save the educational system. Money has nothing to do with it. Liberal teachers are purposely dumbing down your kids and brainwashing them that Government is their only hope to a future without teaching them about the innovators and entrepreneurs that made the US the leader in the world Capitalist movement.

Liberal Professors are really ‘child predators’ that wish to violate minds rather than bodies.

Capitalism has been hijacked by Marxists and Elitists. Capitalism and education are being suppressed to enslave the next generation.

We are in the danger zone folks. I will not lie to you like these Fox News and Tea Party superheroes that cowers in the corner if a Communist calls them a racist, but they lack the guts to call them a Communist back.

The suppression of Capitalism is scaring these young adults into believing that they have no fair shot at being successful. So, this is why they are committing violent acts of revolution. Their professors are brainwashing them that revolution is needed to bring ‘change’ and ‘progress’. These are code words for equality and social justice, but there is nothing more unjust than communism.

Why are people desperately trying to flee Communist countries if they are about equality? The Elite class have all of the rights and this is why rich Hollywood stars are donating millions to Obama.

They want Obama to declare a dictatorship so they can be part of that Elite class. The privileged  This is about POWER; not equality. The Hollywood Elite don’t give a damn about the middle class. Most of them spend more on cocaine in one week than you make in one month’s salary.

Arrogance and corruption got Beyonce and Jay Z got ‘special permits’ to travel to Cuba and walk among real slaves of tyranny and oppression. Shame on them for supporting a Government that has aided terrorism (Soviet Proxy) every chance they could since the 60’s. Russia is low key about their Cuban connection, but they now aid them via Venezuela (another proxy).

This is more than name calling. This is ‘branding’ the enemy with a label that they hate. Calling them a Communist sends them into a frenzy and off their game, because they don’t want the agenda to be seen publicly.

The enemy wants to be called ‘Progressive’. So, why would you do what they want? This is why we are losing. The censorship of Communism is already here, but nobody has the guts to admit it. How do I know this? Just say the word Communist on television and you will see what I mean. Just ask Allen West.

Anyway, keep the minds of your children CLEAN. Liberal professors are enemies of freedom and don’t allow them to take your child’s soul.


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Brigitte Gabriel: Universities are the ‘Lions Den’ that Make Kids Loathe America

Steve Cooper

Brilliant speech by Brigitte Gabriel, but she only talks about the Saudi money influencing Universities. Liberal Academia is also part of this by radicalizing students with Marxist Revolution theories like revolting against Capitalism.

Leftists Professors are cleverly using the Palestinian and Israel conflict to further radicalize students to be anti-American and anti-Capitalism. Leftists are constantly pushing the propaganda that ‘American Capitalism is funding the Israeli war machine that is oppressing young Palestinians in Gaza’.

  • This is why you see many Leftists joining hands with Muslim radicals, because they are united in the cause to bring down Capitalism.
  • This is why you see many Leftists defending Muslim terrorists even after they commit acts like the Boston bombing or Fort Hood.
  • Terms like ‘occupation’ and ‘imperialism’ are communist propaganda talking points.

This brainwashing is NOT only in American Universities, but abroad as well. Leftist Professors have flooded the Middle East so they can get Marxist Revolution into the heads of already radical Muslims.

One thing that I have noticed is that Brigitte Gabriel and many other outspoken ‘experts’ on Islam tend to bash Sunni Saudi Arabia rather than Shiite Iran and their enablers in Russia and China.

Rep Cotton on Post 9/11 Jihadist Terror Attacks: Obama 5 – Bush 0

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Body of Missing Brown Student Sunil Tripathi Found; News Organizations Cleanse Che Guevara Shirt from Photo

Steve Cooper


First, my sympathies to the family on the loss of their son…Sunil Tripathi. A body was recovered and it has been identified as the missing Brown University student Sunil Tripathi. There were reports that Tripathi was depressed, possibly suicidal and missing.

The Universities are brainwashing kids to praise mass murderer Che Guevara and Marxist revolution, but then people are confused as to why college kids are becoming antisocial, suicidal or mass shooters.


The family claimed that Tripathi “wouldn’t hurt a fly”, but that might be incorrect if suicide is found to be the cause of death.

The media has been cropping the photo of Sunil Tripathi wearing a Che Guevara shirt, because once again they are trying to cleanse the reputation of Liberal Academia’s Marxist brainwashing of the youth (see photos below).

My kid wouldn’t DARE wear a Che Guevara shirt and anyone that does wear a Che Guevara shirt is clearly a disturbed individual. Tests are being done to determine the cause of death of Sunil Tripathi. Che Guevara wasn’t a ‘Cuban ice cream man’ like liberals state he was.

It was interesting that the FBI was notified to investigate Sunil Tripathi’s missing persons report since that is not the procedure.

My original story on Sunil Tripathi – March 27, 2013 was a hot topic when Tripathi’s name was mentioned on the Boston Police radio during the manhunt for the Boston bomber suspects.

I was notified about this, but I never stated that Tripathi was a suspect for the Boston bombing since my article about Tripathi was written weeks before the terror attack took place. Plus, I never heard the Boston PD radio transmission so I was waiting for confirmation on whether Tripathi was a suspect or not.

The reports turned out to be false, but the real question is: Why is the media cropping Che Guevara from the photo of this depressed college kid? Only a radical Marxist or a sick person would wear a Che Guevara shirt.

EDITED PHOTO – Sunil Tripathi

ORIGINAL PHOTO – Sunil Tripathi
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