Brigitte Gabriel: Universities are the ‘Lions Den’ that Make Kids Loathe America

Steve Cooper

Brilliant speech by Brigitte Gabriel, but she only talks about the Saudi money influencing Universities. Liberal Academia is also part of this by radicalizing students with Marxist Revolution theories like revolting against Capitalism.

Leftists Professors are cleverly using the Palestinian and Israel conflict to further radicalize students to be anti-American and anti-Capitalism. Leftists are constantly pushing the propaganda that ‘American Capitalism is funding the Israeli war machine that is oppressing young Palestinians in Gaza’.

  • This is why you see many Leftists joining hands with Muslim radicals, because they are united in the cause to bring down Capitalism.
  • This is why you see many Leftists defending Muslim terrorists even after they commit acts like the Boston bombing or Fort Hood.
  • Terms like ‘occupation’ and ‘imperialism’ are communist propaganda talking points.

This brainwashing is NOT only in American Universities, but abroad as well. Leftist Professors have flooded the Middle East so they can get Marxist Revolution into the heads of already radical Muslims.

One thing that I have noticed is that Brigitte Gabriel and many other outspoken ‘experts’ on Islam tend to bash Sunni Saudi Arabia rather than Shiite Iran and their enablers in Russia and China.

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