Obama and Clapper blame Bush for the NSA program?

Conservative News Update:

Reported by Russia Today:

President Barack Obama’s administration has for the first time publicly confirmed “the existence of collection activities authorized by President George W. Bush,” such as bulk amounts of Internet and phone metadata, as part of the “Terrorist Surveillance Program” (TSP).


ALSO – How U.S. eavesdropping helped Colombia kill Marxist FARC Terrorist leaders

Bashar al-Assad’s Chemical Massacre

syria pic

Sponsored by the KREMLIN and Islam.

I wonder if these WMD’s belonged to Saddam Hussein? I would bet anything that they did. Obama would never investigate, because that would vindicate GW Bush.

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Should Congress Hold a ‘No Confidence’ Vote Against Attorney General Holder?

Steve Cooper

It was good enough for the Senate to hold a ‘No Confidence’ vote against Bush Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. So, why not have one against Eric Holder?

Fast and Furious has proven that Holder can’t be trusted when it comes to being ‘open and transparent’. Benghazi and the IRS scandal are examples where a special prosecutor should be appointed, but that will never happen under Eric Holder.

Sept 2012 – Rep. Gosar Asks for Floor Vote on “No Confidence” in Attorney General Holder

Specter: ‘No confidence’ vote will make Gonzales quit

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CNN Asks If Bush Officials Should Be Tried for War Crimes

I believe that Democrats should be tried for Treason, because they undermined US Troops after they voted for the war. Also, members of the media should be tried for treason as well for intentionally spreading lies about the war to AID THE ENEMY.

Leftists seem to leave out Colin Powell when war crimes is mentioned, because he has turned into a stooge for Obama. Powell’s race is also protecting him from the Communist Left…

Bloomberg: Hurricane Sandy Death & Destruction will not stop the NYC Marathon…

Steve Cooper


Hurricane Sandy has killed 41 people in NYC, but Mayor Bloomberg is concerned about the NYC Marathon on Sunday. People need to understand that these Elitists only care about money and power. I suppose these runners will be hurdling dead bodies and downed trees? Very compassionate man you are, Mr. Mayor. Bloomberg is only worried about how much soda you can drink rather than putting in place EMERGENCY transportation policies.

Bloomberg also imposed carpooling rule to enter into NYC. This rule has traffic much worse, because now check points need to be set up to make sure that there are three occupants per vehicle.

This man is a baby dictator and that is why he has endorsed Obama, the other baby dictator. Speaking of Obama: He is campaigning in Vegas during all of this. Just imagine if Bush went on campaign stops after Katrina? He would have been HUNG.