Officials: 80 Percent Of Recent NYC High School Graduates Cannot Read

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

I guess Mayor Bloomberg should concentrate on kids learning how to read rather than how large their soda bottle is?

The youth are purposely being dumbed down and then turned into Socialist revolutionaries once they are in college. Leftists don’t want to teach the youth how to read. They want to teach them how to be Anarchists, Atheists, Marxists and Revolutionaries, because it furthers their agenda.

Why is anyone shocked that these kids go on shooting rampages after two years of college? That is the GOAL… – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

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Extremist Bob Schieffer Compares the War Against the Gun Lobby to ‘Defeating the Nazis’

Steve Cooper

Obama will use Executive Order to go for the guns down the road, because these changes will not stop another anti-social, mass shooting. – Steve Cooper

Thanks again to DRUDGE for this story…

One day, extremists JUST LIKE Bob Schieffer (the host of De-Face the Nation) will lead the charge against anyone that dares to challenge Obama to be arrested for treason. Russia recently boosted their treason laws and Obama will eventually get around to that ‘Executive Order’ as well.

Mao, Pol Pot, Saddam, Hitler and every other Socialist dictator had their useful idiots demonize, torture and murder anyone that dared to question their power. Is this where we are heading with the Democrat Party?

Also, left wing psychos shout ‘Godwin’s Law’ whenever someone compares Socialist Obama to Socialist Hitler, but it is fine when extremists like this old fool on the CBS morning show compare the ‘Gun Lobby’ (the NRA & American gun owners) to Hitler.

The NRA is just an organization that represents American gun owners and they are nowhere near the Nazi Party. I have news for Bob Schieffer; The Democrat Party and their Socialist agenda is on the path to Nazism more than the NRA is.

So, what is Bob Schieffer really saying? He is comparing gun owners to the Nazi’s.

Radical talk show hosts that push the Socialist agenda are untouchable, but God forbid if anyone compared Obama’s Regime to Hitler early days. – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

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Police: Utah Man Faked Cancer, Got Disneyland Trip


Steve Cooper



No name has been released yet for this ‘MAN’. Why do I have a feeling that he voted for Obama? – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies

E-mail Proof: The White House knew that the Libyan attacks were Terrorism

Steve Cooper

The people are typically called ‘crazy and extreme’ when they seek to expose the corruption of a Communist regime. – Steve Cooper


The White House, Obama, Hillary Clinton, Jay Carney,  and Ambassador Susan Rice played word games after the Libyan terror attack by calling it ‘spontaneous protests about a Muslim movie’. This was all a conspiracy theory and a lie that was planted, because they were afraid to further inflame Muslim terrorists. So, instead they covered for the Muslims like an over protective parent would do with a spoiled child.

Just imagine if this disaster happened under the Bush Administration? Condoleeza Rice would have resigned already if it did happen for NOT securing the US Consulate in Libya on the anniversary of 9/11. The problem is that the average leftist doesn’t care about this incident, because Socialism and gay marriage is the only agenda that they care about.

Leftists believe that terrorism will subside once the USA converts to Socialism, but there is no written guarantee that will be the case.

Overall, this was a nice little distraction for the media to stay off of the bad economy and the Iranian nuclear crisis. That is why I believe that this cover up proves my point that Ambassador Stevens was set up by the people around him (and higher up) to create further chaos and distraction. This is how Communists operate.

The Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda are in bed with the Russians and Iranians; as well as the Democrats. This is why they handed over Bin Laden, the ‘lame duck’ Al Qaeda leader to Obama, because they wanted to help boost Obama’s polls from the economic beating that he was getting at home.


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Judge: Iran Must Pay to Families of the Victims from the 9/11/01 Attacks

Steve Cooper

The article that I posted below about Iran being ordered by a judge to pay $6 billion to the families of the victims from the 9/11 attacks is from July 2012.

The media and American politicians are very silent about the Iranian connection to Al Qaeda and 9/11, because of the can of worms that it opens. Russia and China are very close allies with Iran (before and after the attacks); therefore making them guilty by association.

Al Qaeda’s new #1 Ayman Zawahiri was trained by the Russians in 1997 according to Jeff Nyquist and former KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko.

So, the Soviet Union collapses and mysteriously a new enemy appears? The American people will believe anything that they read in the news.

Iran’s involvement with 9/11 is the reason that Bush invaded Iraq, because he wanted Iran surrounded. Obama and the Democrats gave Iran breathing space by attacking Bush in 2006 and withdrawing the troops later on when Obama was sworn in.$6b-for-9-11/
What Nations are Behind Al Qaeda? Best Sellers – Computers

Sen. Schumer Doesn’t Know Obama’s Position on Jerusalem

Steve Cooper


Democrat, American Jews are traitors to Israel. I have had Israeli’s tell me this many times…