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Listening to this teacher spew communist propaganda is the reason why the youth are turning into anti-social radicals that go on mass killing shooting sprees. These shooters have an anti-social, revolutionary mentality that is being embedded into their being by haters of freedom and Capitalism.

Do you understand now why these radicals want to disarm you? So, you can’t resist their ideology of confiscating your wealth, whether you are rich or poor.

Why does Communism have to be forced onto people if it is so good?

Karen Lewis should redistribute some of the food off of her plate…. – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

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Chicago Tribune Refuses to Print Anti-Teachers Union Ad | The Weekly Standard

Steve Cooper

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Chicago Teachers on Strike Protest Wearing RED SHIRTS

Steve Cooper

Are these red shirts a symbol of solidarity or Communism?

It was hilarious to see one of the CNN puppets trying to defend Rahm Emanuel as she was interviewing a striking teacher. She basically said “but Rahm is a Democrat”.,0,4173856.story