Police Officer Punished for Buying Chick-fil-A

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Chick-fil-A Confrontation Costs Executive His Job #chickfila


Chick Fil A Tweets are Showing Massive Support for Free Speech #ChickFilA


Steve Cooper


The Democrats are happy that we are talking about free speech, gay marriage and chicken sandwiches rather than the unemployment and fear of a Socialist dictatorship.


Mayor of DC Spews Intolerance Against Free Speech on Twitter

Steve Cooper



It is shocking that a Mayor of any American city would promote hate and intolerance against free speech. These Soviet tactics are disgraceful and this man should resign from office. Where are the liberals in the media? They are supposed to be for free speech, but they are NOT. They are only for free speech that promotes their communist agenda.

On Twitter, Mayor Gray also complained about Chick Fil A donating money to ‘anti-gay groups’, but it is no problem for Organizations to donate money to ‘anti-capitalist, pro-Marxist’ groups?

A Mayor is supposed to represent ALL of the people and not just those that agree with their radical leftist agenda. Obama said that he was against gay marriage, but nobody is calling him a BIGOT.

The Iranians execute gays, but this Mayor is worried about a RESTAURANT….


Chick Fil A – Appreciation Day – August 1st, 2012

Chick Fil A – Appreciation Day – August 1st, 2012


Photo: Sarah Palin Supports Chick Fil A

Stopped by Chick-fil-A in The Woodlands to support a great business.