US Education Falls Behind Asia

Conservative News Update –

Sabotage of the US educational system by the Socialists is old news. These radicals seem more concerned about teaching diversity and accepting the homosexual lifestyle rather than real education such as computers, history and science.

The real goal is to make the next generation so ignorant that dependence on ‘big government’ will be their only hope. Big Government is a code word for Communism.

Are you offended? Good, so am I….

Devices fired near US military base in Japan

Two “improvised launch devices” were fired near a US military base in Japan late on Thursday, officials said.

The stage for WW III is being set up?

Obama is pals with all of these Marxist and Muslim criminals in Russia, China and Iran. They are capable of planning a conflict to change the world forever.


China sends warplanes to newly established air defense zone

It is interesting that this is happening after Carolyn Kennedy was appointed Ambassador of Japan.

China yet to deploy ‘substantial’ navy to aid Philippines

Where is Russia and China?