Police Scanner: Did the Police Try to Burn Out Chris Dorner?

I have no problem with this at all…

Dorner was in the cabin and he allegedly shot two more cops, killing one of them…

COOK HIM…if he don’t leave on his own. He apparently took his own life…

Chris Matthews: “Chris Dorner was Media Saavy and Intelligent”

Chris Matthews

Last night, Hannity played a clip of Chris Matthews saying that Chris Dorner was ‘intelligent with a high IQ’, but he was troubled. Left wingers are dangerous people. Matthews should be fired for these comments…



CBS News Video of Shoot Out with Suspected Socialist Revolutionary, Chris Dorner

Shooting Suspect Was an Obama Lover and Spewed Piers Morgan Gun Control Talking Points

This mass shooting suspect sounds like another left wing Revolutionary that I keep warning about. It might be time to confiscate the guns away from registered Democrats?



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