Iranian Authorities Cracking Down on Growth of Christianity

Conservative News Update:

Media Matters targets Tucker Carlson for defending Christmas

Conservative News Update:

Russian team offers Tebow $1 Million to play two games

Steve Cooper
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Tim Tebow was offered $1 Million to play in TWO football games in Russia, but his agent wants him to do motivational speaking instead. It appears to me that Russia is trying to win the hearts and minds of Conservatives. The Russians can’t be trusted for one second.

Tim Tebow never got a fair chance when he played for the NY Jets and the New England Patriots; he was discriminated against in my opinion. Tebow was no better or no worse than the average NFL quarterback playing today. Sure, there are many better, but remember that John  Elway had a terrible first few years as a quarterback for the Denver Broncos and he turned into a Hall of Famer.,0,1621248.story

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Fox News Report on The War Against Easter Egg Hunts

Steve Cooper

Communist assault on religion? Leftists are the most intolerant haters out there. Leftists are NOT offended …they are just hateful people.  “Secular Humanists” are really code words for ‘Communists’. – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

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Communist Party – Have a “Merry Revolutionary Christmas”; Christmas Brings Out the Worst Features of Capitalism

Steve Cooper


The Communists constantly preach tolerance, but they are the biggest haters on the planet and they are a danger to religious freedom. They also blame Christmas for destroying the environment in this article. How dare the ‘little people’ spoil the environment that the Elite  believe ‘they own’. These commies have no problem that ‘Obama Claus’ is poisoning the environment by flying to Hawaii with his family.

These are the same radicals that boo’ed God at the Democrat Convention that nominated the Marxist in Chief.

I find it offensive that at the end the article the author wishes everyone a “Merry revolutionary Christmas”. Communist revolutions have killed about 160 million people worldwide and to mix revolution with Christmas shows how totally delusional these communists really are.


Christmas time can be so depressing. It brings out some of the worst features of capitalism and rubs them in our faces. You can’t escape, whatever your philosophical or religious belief.


Advertisements spur on feelings of guilt if you don’t buy enough of the right kinds of consumer products for people you love. Creative financing is offered so that lenders can make even more profit.


And it is an environmental disaster … more plastic, cardboard and packaging is produced, carted about, and dumped into landfills, vacant lots, and incinerators at Christmas time than at any other time of the year.


Whoever you are, have a merry and revolutionary Christmas. And let us then enter the new millennium resolved to wipe out homelessness, poverty, racism and injustice once and for all! – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

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UFC Fighter Dan Hardy wants to shoot Christian assholes

Steve Cooper

This guy Hardy sounds like a left wing extremist to me. I was a fan til NOW….

Dan Hardy (@danhardymma) tweeted at 1:20 PM on Wed, Sep 19, 2012: When is open season on ignorant, red neck, misguided, phony-Christian assholes? I would love to shoot some of those.

Hardy was directing his hateful comments towards MMA fighter, Matt Hughes for posting some hunting photos on his website –


Contact UFC President Dana White –



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Is This The New Face of the Democrat Party?

Steve Cooper

The C Monster@cnin

Most Democrats support the War against Religion, but they will never publicly admit it. They showed their true colors at the DNC Con. #tcot

You can see the evil in his eyes. This man would cheer as Christians and Jews are executed. This is the face of a SOCIALIST.

Socialists have united globally….

VIDEO – Communists, Atheists and Arabs Boo When God and Jerusalem Are Added to the DNC Convention Platform

David Axelrod Refuses to Talk God…on Video