The September Conspiracies About Climate Change Disasters and Asteroids

Conservative News Update:

Steve Cooper

This is very strange….

There are many conspiracy theories about a destructive climate change event happening in Sept 2015. The French Foreign Minister warned last May 2014 that this climate change disaster will happen within 500 days. How does he know this? Here is the video of him saying this to the media next to a clueless John Kerry. Here is another video of the 500 day warning.

So, I was wondering how could this catastrophe be pulled off? I was thinking – What if Russia hit the Atlantic Ocean with their hypersonic missile? This would cause a Tsunami to hit the US and they will just blame it on an asteroid. Obama will be flexible with the idea since he could declare martial law.

So, then after thinking that I was crazy…I found this video on You Tube. It is Russia warning about an ASTEROID HITTING THE ATLANTIC OCEAN. How convenient for Putin.

First of all, there is NO WAY of knowing where this asteroid would hit. So, these clearly will be some type of attack by Russia disguised as an asteroid if this does take place.

Here is another video warning of an asteroid for Sept 2015.

I also find it very interesting that the Pope is visiting Obama during the same time that all of these Sept conspiracies are taking place. Especially odd since the Pope has also been warning about climate change and the evils of capitalism.

I’m not saying this will happen in September, but I am saying this is FISHY….

‘SNL’ Mocks ‘Fox And Friends’ Coverage Of Obamacare And Climate Change

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Al Gore: “People NEED to have smaller families to curb pollution”

Conservative News Update:

Al Gore and his radical pals in the Environmental Fascist movement see ‘children as pollution’. Liberals can spin this all they want, but this is why Leftists are ‘blood thirsty’ when it comes to abortion rights. Some people can have views wither way, but Leftists know that population control is key to sustaining their Marxist program.

This is why Mao, Stalin and the other Socialist dictators starved millions, because they needed less people to feed. The math of Socialism doesn’t work if you have too many mouths to feed. The ‘Peasant population’ needed to be controlled and starvation was an effective tool.

Liberals are never up in arms about violence in the black community, because that is a way to control the black population that is usually poor and dependent on the Government. Guns work just as well as abortion in the black community; this is why Liberals want to keep the guns in their hands instead of yours.

Global warming is a Socialist scam and that debate ended when the Climategate scandal unfolded where scientists were ‘cooking the data’ to make global warming look real. Leftists want to use the environment and healthcare to control behavior and wealth. This is the alarming radical plan and nobody seems to be trying to stop them.

Many of the rich liberals that protest about Global Warming will ‘pass’ on attending the next Super Bowl due to frigid weather.

Hollywood is worried about Global Warming and Wealth Inequality

Conservative News Update:

Hollywood is worried about Global Warming and Wealth Inequality, but they will want the middle class to pay for it. The commies are all up to date on what Democrat talking points to spew such as ‘global warming’ and ‘wealth inequality’.

UN climate chief: Communism is best to fight global warming

Conservative News Update:

I have been warning about the communist agenda since the late 70’s, but people giggled. Well, you won’t be giggling much longer.

United Nations climate chief Christiana Figueres said that democracy is a poor political system for fighting global warming. Communist China, she says, is the best model.

Russia begins oil production in the Arctic – #warmers

Conservative News Update:

Where is AL GORE?

Russia has announced the start of offshore oil production in the Arctic, upstaging its Western rivals in the rush for the region’s energy riches.

Video: Snow in Saudi Arabia

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Can Al Gore be arrested yet?