Clint Eastwood Warns That Obama Will Rig the Election or Even Worse

Steve Cooper

The left wing terrorists in the media have pissed off Clint and that is not good news FOR THEM. Clint is 100% correct, because I have been screaming about voter fraud since the 2008 theft.

The Democrat Party is associated with some very dangerous people that want Obama to stay in office. The sheep will grasp this SOON. Communism, once it is installed is not something that you can vote against or easily get rid of. The Government has already been hijacked.

VOTER FRAUD, I warned my readers LONG AGO….

Pat Dollard

Clint Eastwood’s Clear Message: “23 Million Americans out of work is a National Disgrace”

Steve Cooper

Now you know the real reason why Leftists are having a fit over his speech…

Clint Eastwood’s message was clear to me: “23 Million Americans out of work… When someone doesn’t do the job, we got to let them go” #tcot

Clint Eastwood RNC Speech: “We Own This Country”

Steve Cooper


Clint Eastwood had some great moments. Some Socialists are upset with him, because they feel that he was disrespectful to the President, but I guess they forgot about the vicious attacks against GW Bush.

Clint also refereed to the 23 million people out of work as a national disgrace and then he followed with “when someone doesn’t get the job done, it is time to let them go”.