Islamophobic? Medea Benjamin Protests Saudi Arabia Instead of Russian Aggression in Syria

Conservative News Update:

Steve Cooper

The Communists on Twitter are blaming George Bush for Putin’s criminal behavior. Aren’t they just wonderful Americans? Where are all of the antiwar protests to denounce the Russian bombing of civilians? Medea Benjamin seems obsessed with Saudi Arabia. It’s racist and Islamophobic for her to target Saudi Arabia like this.

July 2013 – Code Pink Joins with Senator Rand Paul for Edward Snowden Rally

Steve Cooper

Published on Jul 5, 2013

Here’s exclusive video of Medea Benjamin of Code Pink praising Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning. Sen. Paul’s office gave the organizers a statement to read at the rally.

Why is the Senator cooperating with the loony left?

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Code Pinko Communists Protest NRA Press Conference

Steve Cooper


Leave it to these commies to exploit the death of children to promote their Anti-American group. Code Pink was very silent about the Obama Administration using drones to kill Muslim Civilians in Afghanistan, but they had time to protest the NRA?

Arrest this communist filth already and send them to North Korea.

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