Mayor Bloomberg: Become a Plumber if you are not smart enough for Harvard

Hilarious Daily News Photo – Mike Bloomberg as a Plumber

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

The Elite are making it known that they want more peasants. The College degree has been watered down and the job market has changed. There are not enough jobs for EVERY college graduate.

Don’t get me wrong: I did Construction for over 10 years, but it is very hard work. Many of these college kids would like a desk job like their parents have.

The North American Union was the big talk years ago, but I believe that they are just going to bypass it and go straight into World Government. Using Latin American slaves for cheap labor in America will still be the goal, but a global tax is near.

The Democrats are always raving about China’s model (Communism) as they use slave labor to make cheap products. Small Businesses and Corporations are very competitive these days. They can’t afford to pay union wages and make a profit when their competitor is making their product with slave wages.

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Happy Monster Mommy Day: Don’t Let Liberals Brainwash Your Kids

Happy Mothers Day

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

First, Happy Mothers day to all of you that support The Conservative Monster. It is safe to say that The Conservative Monster possibly has more women readers than men. I have not done an official survey, but I would give women the edge. Thank you.

The Conservative women’s movement has impressed me greatly and I am sure that the Democrats are intimidated by it, but they will never admit it publicly.

Keep up the great work, BUT the most important job is to make sure that YOUR CHILDREN don’t get brainwashed. Your child loses his soul and spirit once these Big Government Marxist Professors sink their teeth into them.

McCarthyism in the Universities is the only thing that will save the educational system. Money has nothing to do with it. Liberal teachers are purposely dumbing down your kids and brainwashing them that Government is their only hope to a future without teaching them about the innovators and entrepreneurs that made the US the leader in the world Capitalist movement.

Liberal Professors are really ‘child predators’ that wish to violate minds rather than bodies.

Capitalism has been hijacked by Marxists and Elitists. Capitalism and education are being suppressed to enslave the next generation.

We are in the danger zone folks. I will not lie to you like these Fox News and Tea Party superheroes that cowers in the corner if a Communist calls them a racist, but they lack the guts to call them a Communist back.

The suppression of Capitalism is scaring these young adults into believing that they have no fair shot at being successful. So, this is why they are committing violent acts of revolution. Their professors are brainwashing them that revolution is needed to bring ‘change’ and ‘progress’. These are code words for equality and social justice, but there is nothing more unjust than communism.

Why are people desperately trying to flee Communist countries if they are about equality? The Elite class have all of the rights and this is why rich Hollywood stars are donating millions to Obama.

They want Obama to declare a dictatorship so they can be part of that Elite class. The privileged  This is about POWER; not equality. The Hollywood Elite don’t give a damn about the middle class. Most of them spend more on cocaine in one week than you make in one month’s salary.

Arrogance and corruption got Beyonce and Jay Z got ‘special permits’ to travel to Cuba and walk among real slaves of tyranny and oppression. Shame on them for supporting a Government that has aided terrorism (Soviet Proxy) every chance they could since the 60’s. Russia is low key about their Cuban connection, but they now aid them via Venezuela (another proxy).

This is more than name calling. This is ‘branding’ the enemy with a label that they hate. Calling them a Communist sends them into a frenzy and off their game, because they don’t want the agenda to be seen publicly.

The enemy wants to be called ‘Progressive’. So, why would you do what they want? This is why we are losing. The censorship of Communism is already here, but nobody has the guts to admit it. How do I know this? Just say the word Communist on television and you will see what I mean. Just ask Allen West.

Anyway, keep the minds of your children CLEAN. Liberal professors are enemies of freedom and don’t allow them to take your child’s soul.


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Professor to Students: “I can’t find ONE CRIME that Stalin has ever committed”.

Steve Cooper


Special thanks to Teddy for sending me this video…


Watch this video and then you will understand why your kids are brainwashed communist revolutionaries, haters of the USA and Capitalism.The Professor dismissed the questions and comments as ‘lies’ that a man was asking from the audience about Communism and the murder of over 150 million people.

That man was very well informed and he did a great job.

This is a shocking video and this professor should be banned from teaching. I have added this video to my terrorism archives, because brainwashing the youth with lies is terrorism as far as I am concerned. Why can’t he just find a nice teaching job in Moscow or Cuba?

It is time for McCarthyism folks…


Video description:

Dr. Grover Furr is an English professor at Montclair State University. He is actively engaged in concealing the murder of 150 million citizens by Stalin and other communists. How an accessory to genocide like him is permitted to teach at any American University is evidence of the successful Marxist takeover of academia. The above exchange occurred on October 25th, 2012 at that university. For an excellent review of two recent books describing Stalin’s murders, see:… – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies