Chiquita Bananas asks appeals court to dismiss Colombian terror payments case

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This is BANANAS!

The lawsuits accuse Chiquita, which for decades had huge banana plantations in Colombia, of assisting in the killings by paying $1.7 million to a right-wing paramilitary group labeled a terrorist organization by the U.S. Chiquita has insisted it only made the payments because of threats against it by the group known as the AUC — the Spanish acronym for United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia.

Obama and Clapper blame Bush for the NSA program?

Conservative News Update:

Reported by Russia Today:

President Barack Obama’s administration has for the first time publicly confirmed “the existence of collection activities authorized by President George W. Bush,” such as bulk amounts of Internet and phone metadata, as part of the “Terrorist Surveillance Program” (TSP).

ALSO – How U.S. eavesdropping helped Colombia kill Marxist FARC Terrorist leaders

Warning GRAPHIC – Protester hit in the face with police tear gas canister (Colombia)

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Venezuelan Crowd Violently Attack Colombian Reporter and Camerman

chavez crowd

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Fast and Furious Guns Pop Up in Colombia

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