Simple NSA Terror Scenario to Learn From

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster


First, I can clearly understand why people are nervous about the NSA data collection program while a Communist is at the helm, but we still need to have faith in some of our Military leaders; otherwise all is lost. Edward Snowden and Obama are BOTH Revolutionaries. Let that sink into your head a bit.


General Alexander swore under oath the other day that the NSA program is not invading the privacy of Americans, but the program is classified. This program was compromised by a traitor that is currently giving China and most likely Russia, crucial American secrets.


Al Qaeda has already changed their Internet tactics due to this leak.


Data collection doesn’t mean that the data is being reviewed, because it would take forever. I am pretty sure that they will search for keywords just like we do on the Internet. I made this scenario simple for anyone to understand, because the media is confusing people by trying to paint Edward Snowden as a ‘patriot’.


Conservative Patriots don’t break bread with Communist countries, but Libertarians and Liberals seem to have no problem participating in treasonous activities.



  • The FBI is monitoring the phone calls of terrorist #1 and they see that he as a NEW contact and they label him terrorist #2.
  • They observe that terrorist #1 and #2 are exchanging many phone calls, but they have no idea if these two suspects have spoken in the past. How long are they associated and with whom?

With data collection, the FBI can get a search warrant and then go back into the past (just like your DVR) and review their past contacts.

This is not a violation of privacy. This is good POLICE WORK….


Libertarians and Liberals are against this, because many of them clearly have something to hide. I can understand people being nervous about this or the possibility of blackmail since a radical like Obama is in office. The IRS targeting Conservatives is a perfect example of corruption.


Many suspect that the IRS scandal reaches right to Obama’s desk and I agree with that assessment.


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