Leno Dominates Kimmel and Letterman in Ratings

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster


From Variety:


In Nielsen numbers for the second quarter of this year, NBC’s “Tonight Show With Jay Leno” was easily the top-rated hour in late night. ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” ranked second in key demos for a second straight quarter in its new, earlier time slot and remains the youngest-skewing of the 11:35 p.m. talk shows.




Who’s Your Favorite Latenight TV Host?

Jay Leno is CRUSHING Letterman in this poll.


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‘Socioeconomic Equality’: Is a 75% Hollywood Tax a Good Idea?

Steve Cooper


Hollywood is loaded with Liberals, Socialists and Communists. I think a 75% Hollywood tax is a great way for the Government to create ‘socioeconomic equality’ and justice starting with their money first.

David Letterman, Jay Z, Beyonce and Eva Longoria should make the sacrifice to prove how dedicated they are to ‘redistribution of wealth’. I am NOT only talking about their salary either. Their savings accounts now belong to the people, but it is for such a ‘good cause’.

Next, I say that 75% of the trust funds that belong to Ivy League, Occupy Wall Street protesters should also confiscated, I mean ‘redistributed’.

These wannabe Elitists can be part of the “Upper Class” when a Socialist Dictatorship rolls into town, but it is going to cost them dearly. Did you really think that liberals cared about the ‘middle class’? Now, that is funny….

I posted this comment the other day on Twitter and Facebook, but it seemed to go over the heads of many.


The ‘Media Elite’ are trying to buy their immunity to future tyranny with their loyalty and lies to protect Obama.


A ‘sharp’ retired Marine with a degree in Political Science understood my comment and he sent me this note on Twitter.

A very poignant analogy – the 4th Estate evidently doesn’t study communist history – they will be the first to go after anarchists.

Special thanks to longtime Conservative Monster fan Richard C. for this idea.


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David Letterman’s wealth can easily be ‘redistributed’

Steve Cooper

David Letterman’s wealth can easily be redistributed. Is this why he is brown nosing the wanna be Marxist dictator? The sheep have a history lesson coming. – Steve Cooper

The C Monster@cnin


I am glad that Hollywood agrees with Obama’s redistribution of wealth theory. I think a 75% Hollywood tax is a good way to start? #tcot


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