Tucker Carlson: “Next is regulation of doctors pay”

We all saw regulation of doctor’s pay coming and Obamacare has already caused many doctors to retire early.

A doctor shortage will then create a ‘crisis’. The IRS will target any doctors that refuse to help out and their licenses to practice medicine will even be removed. Remember these words…

Virginia Democrat Calls For Forcing Doctors To Accept Medicare And Medicaid Patients

I predicted that doctors would be targeted soon. The IRS will probably go after them as well if they refuse to be ‘team players’ with Obamacare and Medicare.

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Survey: Doctors Support Romney Over Obama 55 to 36%

Steve Cooper

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Mike Huckabee: Doctors Closing Their Doors Due to Obamacare

Steve Cooper

I decided to give this Mike Huckabee video it’s own separate post, because it is that important for everyone to see. Huckabee interviews a panel of doctors about Obamacare and their recommendations for fixing the broken healthcare system.

I don’t recall if this was mentioned in this show, but I remember seeing an interview with a Doctor and he claimed that FREE CARE for illegal aliens is putting such a drain on the healthcare system. The cost is being passed on to YOU.

When I say illegal aliens, I mean illegals from all different nationalities and races. The Socialist Democrats love to spin it to the Mexicans, because they are all about racism and dividing the country.