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Dr. Ben Carson Quotes Lenin while Discussing Obamacare

Steve Cooper

Dr. Ben Carson stated:

What’s really interesting, Vladimir Lenin, one of the founders of socialism and communism, he said, ‘Socialized medicine is the keystone of the archway to the socialist state.

This is what Dr Carson needs to do rather than repeat the same old talking points that dodge the march towards Communism that we are seeing daily on Fox News. Communism can’t be defeated if people are afraid to bring it up. Liberals and Libertarians have a fit when Communism is brought up, because most of them are really Marxists trying to hide their real agenda.

I was very tough on Dr Carson several months ago. I was frustrated that he had the brains to expose the real agenda here, but he was afraid. I can understand that…but we are reaching the point of no return very soon. This is what liberals FEAR the most. The TRUTH…

Would you rather die from communism or from embarrassment for saying the word?

Dr. Carson also could use a Red Bull to give him some more energy :)


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Obama Surrogate Claims the Tea Party is Undermining the US Government

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

Robert Reich is basically saying that the Tea Party is made up of ‘domestic enemies’ and ‘terrorists’ when he claims that they are seeking to undermine the US Government.

I like how the Democrats shout McCarthyism whenever someone dares to accuse them of being the communist thugs that they are. This is why I am not interested in any speeches by any Republican or Conservative unless they are calling for McCarthy style hearings to begin. These McCarthy style hearings should be held by a Military Tribunal rather than the Senate since they can’t be trusted.

Yes, Dr Ben Carson is intelligent and he gave a great speech at the prayer breakfast, but it accomplished nothing. If Dr. Carson called for McCarthy style hearings…that would stir the hornets nest for sure.



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