Four years Post-Obama and still the word communism is banned from public debate

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

What is everyone so afraid of? The censorship of communism is already here that is obvious since yesterday was May Day and the riots were not attributed to Communists.

This post that I published May Day: Communists Riot in Seattle should have gone viral, but it didn’t because I put the word communist in the title. This was a test that I gave and only a handful passed it.

It is fine for Democrats to label Republicans and Conservatives as ‘racists’, but we can not mention that their attacks are typical ‘communist’ tactics.

The Media is spinning the blame for this made a violence on anarchists rather than on communists, because they’re trying to cleanse the reputation once again.

What do I say when someone calls me a racist? “You communists always resort to “race card tactics” and the debate is over within minutes after that comment. They want no part of me.

Call me a racist? I call you a communist rat. You want to throw names…let’s go. The commie will leave…trust me.

The Democrats are petrified that people start to talk about communism or socialism, because they want this agenda to be stealth. That want to blind side you all. There are also many that believe they will get their fair share from an Obama Communist regime…good luck with that.

Democrats shout the word McCarthyism whenever the word Communist is mentioned for a reason. It is like they are calling for a ‘censorship time out’. It is like playing tag when you were a kid and you felt someone fouled you and you called for a time out in the school yard.

We can rant the word communism day and night on social media, but the Democrats don’t want the word to be mentioned in the media. That is very clear…

The time for debate is over folks. You wan to sit there and have a ‘fair and balanced’ debate with a left winger that spews communist talking points…be my guest. The media is loaded with communist talking points like ‘class warfare’ and redistribution of wealth’, but nobody has the guts to say the word communism.

Dr Ben Carson is a waste of my time if he is going to sit there and pull punches with his words. The censorship of communism is already here, Dr Carson knows this, but he is afraid to say it publicly.

Newt and Hannity ramble on about how communism was defeated as:

  • A communist sits in the White House
  • The US has to pay Russia to fly into space
  • Russia leads the US in oil and gas exporting
  • Russia still protects their Muslim terror proxy Iran
  • Communist China leads the world in slave labor
  • North Korea threatens to Nuke the US

In 2009, I went to a NYC Tea Party and one of the speakers told me that “it is not good to use the word communism, because people will think that we are crazy”. This mentality is why the Tea Party has failed.

The Tea Party has failed to stop Obamacare or Obama from being reelected. These were two major blows. The Tea Party talking heads in the media are afraid to mention the words socialism or communism, because they are afraid that Fox or CNN will cut their ‘air time’.

Rand Paul gave a 13 hour speech on drone and Obama, but the word communism was never mentioned? What about the bloody history of communism? How could you give a 13 hour speech on Obama and not mention the word communism? It would have been in my FIRST PARAGRAPH.

Libertarians had a meltdown the other day when I announced that I was banning liberals from my Facebook page. Why would Libertarians that claim to be conservatives care about how I treat the enemy? The answer is that most Libertarians are LIBERALS and that is why they get uncomfortable when the word communism is brought up. They immediately change the subject to fascism and they try to drag you into the old communism/fascism debate. Libertarians tend to be anti-fascism, because they are pro-communism.

In the words of Hillary Clinton at the Benghazi hearing: “What difference does it make”?

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
Edmund Burke

Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.

– Edmund Burke

Sheriff wants neighbors to call if anyone is ‘anti-government’

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Full Hannity Show on Racism Against Black Conservatives

Steve Cooper


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Michael Savage – Scientist-in-Chief Obama competing w/ Brain Expert Dr. Ben Carson?

Steve Cooper – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

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Real Conservatives are Anti-Communist

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster


THE LEFT are more bold and it is due to Conservatives that are afraid to out them as Communists publicly in the media. – Steve Cooper


Real Conservatives are anti-communist and there are many that walk around calling themselves conservatives, but they lack the guts to say that they are anti-communist or even utter the word communist or communism.

There are many reasons why the communists staged their collapse, but ‘deception’ is the best word to describe it. The Communists wanted Americans to lower their guard to Communism so it could be implemented under the cleansed name Progressivism.

Leftists ridicule and attack any ‘Real Conservative’ that brings up the fact that Communism is not dead, because they are petrified for people to learn the truth. Leftists are liars…plain and simple.

Allen West created a national panic in the media when he mentioned that there were communists within the Progressive Caucus of the Democrat Party. In reality, if REAL CONSERVATIVES would stop being afraid things could change. Instead, we have Fox News puppets that repeat the same PC script so they can peddle their books on Fox News. Then, they all pat each other on the back and call themselves ‘real Conservatives’.

So, Conservatives sit in fear and they are afraid to say the word Communist, because the Communists will call them crazy or delusional to discredit them. Crazy and delusional are code words that communists are taught by their Marxist professors to use against anyone that dares to expose the stealth communist agenda.

The Soviets cleverly Collapsed communism for cosmetic purposes and then used their Iranian proxies to attack the West (and Capitalism) via Muslims.

The Tea Party is loaded with all of these Fox News generated super heroes like Rand Paul, Herman Cain, Marco Rubio and Dr Carson (just to name a few) that lack the guts to even bring up the Communist threat. Most of them won’t even say the words Socialism or call out Progressives due to fear that the media will target them.

Marco Rubio had many Democrats in fear that he would publicly talk about Cuban communism, but he got the message from the GOP not to dare go there. The censorship of Communism is already in place.

This fear has made the far left more bold, because they know that Tea Party leaders that appear in the media are paralyzed with fear to even say the word communism. Instead, they are only allowed to say talking points like ‘redistribution of wealth’ or ‘class warfare’.

Anyone that calls me crazy is immediately branded as brainwashed or a communist. The time for debate is over, because the agenda is clear as a bell to REAL CONSERVATIVES.

Don’t hold your breath for Dr Carson or anyone else to talk in depth about Leninism or Marxism, because they fear that they will lose their cable news platform of exposure. Carson and many others need that exposure to peddle their books.

The Conservative Monster could be more mainstream if I restrained myself from talking about the Communist threat, but then this site would not be CONSERVATIVE. I refused to be censored by Communist rats that want to name call to silence and intimidate me. It will not work..

Lenin said “the goal of Socialism is Communism” and he also said “The best way to destroy the Capitalistic System was to debauch the currency”. Now, we need REAL Conservatives to have the guts to repeat this in the media.

Stop calling yourself a conservative if you are afraid to speak out against this communist agenda. Call yourself a Libertarian or a Republican if that is the case. – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

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Communist Students Call For Carson’s Replacement As Commencement Speaker

Dr Carson Could Fix the Broken Healthcare System

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

Dr Carson  would be excellent to put together a healthcare system that works, but his lack of National Security experience is a problem to be considered seriously as a presidential candidate.

We need a presidential candidate in the 2016 election with Military experience like Allen West. West has knowledge about Islam, terrorism and Communism. – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

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