The Truth About Rand Paul and Libertarians

Conservative News Update:


Rand Paul’s filibuster about drones followed protests overseas by Muslims and Leftists seeking to stop the use of drones in Afghanistan. Paul wasn’t worried about protecting Americans; he was worried about protecting THE ENEMY.

The Stealthy Spy Drone that Looks Like a Bird

Conservative News Update:

Dec. 16 (Bloomberg) –- Prioria Robotics delivers its new spy drone, the Maveric, to U.S. Army Special Operations this month. The drone’s design takes an innovative approach to stealth: to the earthbound observer, it looks just like a circling bird of prey. Here’s a look at the Army’s newest intelligence-gathering tool: the drone you’ll never see coming. (Source: Bloomberg)

Conservative News Update:

Book Alleges Obama Told Aides About Drone Strikes: I’m ‘Really Good At Killing People’

Just imagine if George Bush bragged about killing Muslims with drones?

Mark Halperin and John Heilemann’s book “Double Down: Game Change 2012” notes President Obama commenting on drone strikes, reportedly telling his aides that he’s “really good at killing people.”

Amnesty International Declares: US ‘Could Be’ Guilty of War Crimes for Drone Attacks

Steve Cooper


Do you remember Rand Paul’s little ‘drone stunt’? Was it really about protecting Americans or the enemy? Liberal-tarians can’t be trusted…ever.

Of course terrorists use civilians as human shields. This is nothing new, but how many of those ‘civilians’ are really other terrorists? Most of them I bet. Even the kids will be future terrorists.

Amnesty International has no problem with Russia fueling terrorism and death in the Middle East via Iran and Syria to raise the price of oil?


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Anti Drone Burqa’s

Steve Cooper
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Left wingers love to give an edge to Muslim terrorists. Maybe Rand Paul can wear this during his next filibuster since he was against the wars and Iran sanctions. – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s
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US drones spread fear to Afghan villages – Al Jazeera English

Rand Paul and the Libtardarians will save them…..

It is no secret how much Communists hate the CIA and the US Military since the Vietnam War.

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