Holder Calls on Police, First Responders to Save Lives of Drug Overdosers

Conservative News Update:

This is what he is worried about? God forbid these junkie Democrats drop dead….


Video: Trayvon Martin Evidence that the Media was Hiding about Skittles

tray middle

Steve Cooper


TY Kelly Ann :)


Who would have known that there is a fad of mixing Skittles, watermelon iced tea and cough syrup to get high? Very interesting video….



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Video: Female Texas State Trooper Does Cavity Search on Two Women Drivers for Littering

Steve Cooper


I guess these State Troopers are justifying a cavity search on the side of the road, because they suspected that marijuana was thrown out of the window rather than just a cigarette. No drugs were found….

They are now being sued and the Troopers were suspended with pay.





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