Video: EDL Leaders arrested in London accuse the Police of enforcing Sharia Law

Steve Cooper


The most fascinating part of this video is that a ‘left wing nut’ assaults an EDL member ON VIDEO and he was not arrested at the time of this recording.




Officers swooped on Robinson and Carroll as they approached the East London Mosque. Both are vocal critics of Islam. The mosque, in Whitechapel, has been previously linked with fundamentalist Islam.

Robinson and Carroll were taking part in a ‘Walk of Honour’ on Armed Forces Day in aid of a child who needs life-saving treatment for an illness.

A march planned by the EDL along the same route had been cancelled amid fears of clashes between the EDL, the area’s large Muslim community and members of the anti-fascist group, Unite Against Fascism.



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UK Protester Against Islamic Domination: “My Wife Will Never Wear a Burqa”

Steve Cooper


The above video is from a 2010 protest by the UK Nationalist group, EDL protesting against Muslims that seek to impose Sharia Law upon them. The title of the video labels the EDL movement as far right, but that is just propaganda to discredit them. Best Sellers – Computers

400 Communists Attack Anti-Islamic Protesters in Sweden with Bottles


They preach tolerance as they throw bottles and fireworks at peaceful protesters. The Communists know that Islamic terrorism is an important part of the war against Capitalism. You will never hear this TRUTH in the media.

The Conservative Monster is the gravest threat to these Communists and Fascists, because this site shines light on their hate and intolerance towards freedom of speech and Capitalism.

– Steve Cooper,7340,L-4264633,00.html