US Education Falls Behind Asia

Conservative News Update –

Sabotage of the US educational system by the Socialists is old news. These radicals seem more concerned about teaching diversity and accepting the homosexual lifestyle rather than real education such as computers, history and science.

The real goal is to make the next generation so ignorant that dependence on ‘big government’ will be their only hope. Big Government is a code word for Communism.

Are you offended? Good, so am I….

Officials: 80 Percent Of Recent NYC High School Graduates Cannot Read

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

I guess Mayor Bloomberg should concentrate on kids learning how to read rather than how large their soda bottle is?

The youth are purposely being dumbed down and then turned into Socialist revolutionaries once they are in college. Leftists don’t want to teach the youth how to read. They want to teach them how to be Anarchists, Atheists, Marxists and Revolutionaries, because it furthers their agenda.

Why is anyone shocked that these kids go on shooting rampages after two years of college? That is the GOAL… – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

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