UPDATED – Peter King: Rand Paul ‘Doesn’t Deserve’ His Spot In The Senate

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Conservatives are naive when it comes to Liberal-tarian infiltration within the GOP. I am no fan of RINO’s, but flooding the GOP with Liberal-tarians isn’t the way to fix it. There is no helping you if you can’t see that Edward Snowden (and his Libertarian followers) are leftist useful idiots for the Kremlin.

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Rep. Peter King: Rand Paul ‘Disgraced His Office’ With Clapper Attacks

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Snatching Snowden ‘dangerous’: McCain

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“I’ve seen too many James Bond movies, and as much as I like those movies, it would be very dangerous,” said McCain referring to the possibility of a covert snatch operation by US authorities.


Edward Snowden: “Norway spies on Russia for the #NSA”

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Edward Snowden is clearly a traitor that is aiding the enemy to undermine U.S. National Security.



60 Minutes: NSA speaks out on Edward Snowden

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Fox News Sees the Light on Snowden

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That moron Eric Bolling should send his resume to Russia Today so he could interview Edward Snowden 24/7. He can take his pocket constitution with him!


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Former NSA chief compares Snowden to terrorists

Rep Rogers suspects that Edward Snowden had to be helped by someone else, because there is no way that he got access to 200,000 documents. He is the scape goat.

I said the same thing from the start….


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