Environmental brawl in Taiwan Parliament over nuclear plant being built

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster


Radical environmentalists are really Communists seeking to undermine Capitalism, weaken industry and production.


These organizations work with the understanding that Russia and China must lead the world and they will do whatever it takes to undermine the US and it’s allies. Why is it that these ‘front groups’ never protest Russian, Muslim or Chinese oil drilling? They just vilify American oil companies like Exxon as a distraction for their war against Capitalism.


Useful idiots like Edward Snowden would also fall into this category.


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Contact Congressman Issa: Is the Environmental Movement Being Funded by Foreign Sources?

Darrell Issa

  • Do you think that the Environmental movement is trying to suppress American energy with their radical agenda?
  • Do you think that Congress should investigate if these Environmental groups are being funded from FOREIGN NATIONS to undermine American Energy production and America’s Economic system?
  • Climategate clearly exposed the Global Warming lie. ‘Warmers’ have not been able to hurdle that obstacle ever since.

TRUST ME, an investigation into Foreign donations would send shock waves through the left wing environmental movement.

UPDATE —————————–

I was informed that only people that live in Congressman Issa’s district could email him, but you can call his office. I listed the number below.
Issa is also the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee.
You can also notify your local Congressman…
        CALL Darrell Issa’s Office –
        Washington DC – Phone:             202-225-3906
        California Office  – Phone:             760-599-5000


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