UPDATED: Split screen of Senator Cruz being censored by Face the Nation

Conservative News Update:

It should send a chill up your spine that this video of Sen. Cruz talking about Obama’s abuse of power was edited out from Face the Nation. Bob Schieffer is a commie rat.

It is time for McCarthyism; Schieffer should be in the top ten of those in the media that need to be rounded up!

Link from the Drudge Report:

Video from MRCTV.org

Go to Newsbusters for more

Gov Hickenlooper blames ‘bullying’ rather than ‘Liberal brainwashing’ for CO shooting at Arapahoe High School

Conservative News Update:

Politicians and the media are constantly lying to cover up the link between ‘Liberal brainwashing’ and these mass shooters. This was another case where police reports state ‘the suspect was into politics’, but nobody mentions what type of politics.

Sandy Hook shooter, Adam Lanza was into politics and mass murder? Gee, that sounds a lot like Che Guevara to me, but that part of the police investigation mysteriously isn’t reported.

There were reports that Karl Halverson Pierson was very anti-Republican on his Facebook Page and that page was mysterious removed from the Internet.  The answer is that nobody wants it known; these mass shooters are a product of Liberal academia that is brainwashing kids to be Marxists. Some kids take that to the next level and that is ‘violent Marxist revolutionary‘.

CO Gov Hickenlooper stated:

“He didn’t seem to have a mental illness. He had a lot of friends. He was outspoken. There have been a couple stories that he was bullied, and that’s a recurring theme we see sometimes with these shootings. But, again, there’s no rhyme or reason,” Hickenlooper said.

Hickenlooper is wrong, because there was plenty of evidence that Karl Halverson Pierson was an ‘extreme left winger’ that was getting angrier each day since he had an argument with his debate teacher.

The Democrats are inciting extremists to become mass shooters with their ‘take no prisoners’ method of politics that was reborn during the GW Bush years. Karl Halverson Pierson is a perfect example of that.

I tried to warn the NYPD back in 2007 about the risk of ‘Marxist Revolutionaries’ such as these mass shooters, but they had no clue what I was talking about.


Marxist Revolutionary? Does Arapahoe High Mass Shooter Karl H. Pierson fit the same profile as past mass shooters?

Global Warmers Exploit the Tornado Deaths in Oklahoma on CBS

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

Face the Nation is exploiting the Oklahoma tornado deaths by pushing global warming lie.

Why were there no tornadoes in London, Moscow or New York if this is a ‘global problem?

Global warming is a global tax scam that communists need to fund their agenda. Climate gate was proof of the global warming scam, conspiracy and lie by scientists.

Warmers are being paid to push this agenda by the Elite to smother the American people into more taxes. Oppression of the people via oppressive taxes is the slow march towards Communism.

Still, many of your Tea Party super heroes that appear in the media lack the guts to say the word Communism, because they will lose their AIR TIME.

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Benghazi Hearings: Hillary Clinton will faint ‘for real’ on May 8th

Hillary Clinton

Steve Cooper


Why would the Russians hire Muslims for the Benghazi attack? They weren’t happy about weapons being smuggled to the Syrian rebels by Amb Stevens.
Rand Paul mentioned this to Hillary and she pretended that she didn’t now what he was saying. I believe that it was the CIA doing it and it was CLASSIFIED.


The Israeli attack on Syria knocked Benghazi out of the news, but not totally.

Face the Nation did go ahead with this report on the Benghazi hearing and I am sure that Hillary Clinton appreciated it.

Witness Greg Hicks said, “My jaw hit the floor when I heard Susan Rice blame a You Tube video for the 9/11 Libya attack”.

I believe that is all a show trial, because the Republicans don’t have the guts to charge Hillary Clinton with PERJURY…


FOX NEWS report by James Rosen 

Breitbart report on Libya talking points

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