NRA: “Armed guard in Arapahoe High School “was the key factor in preventing more deaths and injuries.”

Conservative News Update:

Rand Paul Praises Mandela on Twitter

Conservative News Update:


I try to explain to people that many of the Libertarian leaners are really revolutionaries. They shout about Fascism, but they rarely denounce Communism. The same as liberals do.

Ted Cruz gets slammed for praising Mandela on Facebook

Facebook Pushes Password Resets After Adobe Hack

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More than a month after Adobe suffered a massive security breach, Facebook is pushing users to update their password and security settings.,2817,2427061,00.asp

New Facebook Page: “Socialism for America”

marx meaning

Conservative News Update:

At least the guy that created this Facebook page is ‘out of the closet’. I think other Democrats, Independents and Libertarians that voted for Obama need to ‘come out’ as well since they like to use ‘class warfare’ talking points such as ‘redistribution of wealth’.

These Socialists would really rather have an Obama dictatorship than another Presidential Election in 2016, because there is a risk that the Republicans could win. Then what? That would delay their ‘Socialist dream’ for America.

There are many Libertarian ‘agitators’ that are caling for revolution. They say that they are Conservative, but they are really trying to give Obama more executive powers so he can impose Martial Law due to civil unrest.

NYPD Police Commissioner Kelly releases statement about the appointment of Bill Bratton

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Facebook and Twitter Updates About Syria

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So much for free speech…

Facebook yanks ‘Creepy ass cracka’ & retarded video

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