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Russia Has Highest Level Of Wealth Inequality

Steve Cooper The Conservative Monster Communism will never be about equality, because it is really a criminal conspiracy. According to this article, Russia has the greatest inequality of wealth in the world. Oil money is being redistributed to Putin’s cronies…

Video: Crazed Pro-Abortion Student Vandalizes Signs at Ohio State University

Steve Cooper The Conservative Monster It is Fascism when radicals like this seek to squash the voice of the opposition. This woman also makes it known that the Universities are brainwashing them to push for population control of minorities and…

Whole Foods CEO John Mackey calling Obamacare fascist is tip of the iceberg

Steve Cooper The Conservative Monster http://m.guardiannews.com/business/us-news-blog/2013/jan/18/whole-foods-john-mackey-fascist Simple Question: Does Fascism Lead to Communism When it Fails?   Posted with WordPress Wireless Amazon.com – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s Please use the link below to share this post on Facebook and Twitter…THANKS