China Exports Fall 18% in February

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China Exports Fall 18% in February and news like this starts wars. This is why The West tolerates slave labor in China, because one billion people need to be kept busy and FED. It can be dangerous once these people have no work or food on their tables.

A businessman once asked me “Why would China want to take over the USA if they are doing so well these days?

My answer to him was: “China wants America’s soil to feed their people since their soil has been growing food for thousands of years. The minerals have been depleted. America’s soil is much younger and China likes that”.

Miami code enforcement to nuns: Stop feeding the poor

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Does it get any lower than threatening nuns that feed the poor? – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

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Georgia Police Restrain Crowds After Supermarket Eviction

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Control the guns, control the food and then you can control THE SHEEP… – Columbia, South Carolina | – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

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The NYPD and National Guard Deliver Truck Loads of Food to Victims of Hurricane Sandy

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The NYPD and National Guard on Friday loaded tons of food and water into trucks bound for New Yorkers affected by Hurricane Sandy, with One World Trade Center visible behind the pallets of supplies at Floyd Bennett Field. – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies

Hurricane Sandy Relief: The Red Cross Opens Feeding Sites on Long Island, NY

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The American Red Cross has opened six feeding sites in areas of Long Island that were especially hard-hit by Hurricane Sandy. Three sites are open in Nassau County and three in Suffolk County.

Red Cross workers are today distributing water, snacks and personal hygiene comfort kits at each location. A total of 3,300 meals (sandwiches) will be available at lunch and dinner at each site. The hours of operation for each feeding site will be 11 am to 1 pm for lunch and from 4 pm to 6 pm for dinner. These sites are expected to be operational at least through the weekend.

Here is the name and location of each feeding site:

Nassau County

Nickerson Beach Park        880 Lido Boulevard, Lido Beach, NY

Cedar Crest Park               3340 Merrick Road, Seaford, NY

Christopher Marley Park     500 Searingtown Road, Roslyn, NY

Suffolk County

Riverhead City Center         210 Center Drive, Riverhead, NY

H.L. Dennison                   100 Veterans Memorial Highway, Hauppauge, NY

Mastic Fire House             1080 Mastic Road, Mastic, NY

Additionally, the Red Cross will have emergency aid stations at each location with disaster mental health personnel available to provide emotional support to hurricane affected residents. – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies – Food and Water Distribution Locations

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Kids Are Throwing Out Michelle Obama’s Lunch Menu

Steve Cooper

Everything that conservatives warned about is materializing. Liberal fascists are to be blamed for this invasion of privacy and they need to be isolated from society. Don’t debate them or bother with them at all. They are going to force the next generation into slavery.

These are all just baby steps to take control of the food supply and then the Obammunists will really have you right where they want you. Your kids will be eating green grass as the Obama kids are eating steak, fish and chicken.

Obesity is just another manufactured crisis to take more rights away, but try telling that to Democrats that only care about whether two men can be married. Their minds and priorities are twisted.

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