Sochi Olympics Sign: “We don’t serve FBI or CIA”. Maybe the Boston Marathon bombing wasn’t a ‘coincidence’ after all?

Conservative News Update:

Sochi Olympics Sign: “We don’t serve FBI or CIA”. Maybe the Boston Marathon bombing wasn’t a ‘coincidence’ after all?

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Fear of Karma? Edward Snowden fears for his life

Conservative News Update:

Russian Spy Edward Snowden fears for his life, because he is a YOUNG FOOL like most liberals. The Russian FSB could now kill Snowden since he has outlived his usefulness and blame the CIA for it. It is the perfect crime.

Putin doesn’t want U.S. Intelligence to know what the FSB found out from Snowden, but I am sure the CIA & NSA know exactly what files were taken. Congressman Rogers claims the damage to repair what Snowden caused will take billions of dollars to repair. Not to mention the lives of U.S. Troops and CIA that have been put into danger by this young liberal traitor.


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Rogers: Russia may be behind Snowden NSA leaks

Conservative News Update:

Congressman Mike Rogers claims that the Russian FSB was behind the Edward Snowden NSA leaks. I have said the same since DAY ONE.

Many of the Libertarians went wild when I said this and when I defended Rep Rogers in the past. They attacked Rogers as a RINO, because these Libertarians are really Communists that want to distract away from Moscow’s involvement with spying against the U.S.

Matt Drudge is showing his true colors by supporting the Libertarian agenda to undermine U.S. Intelligence.

The real purpose of these NSA leaks were to undermine U.S. Foreign Intelligence. That is very clear to anyone who isn’t brainwashed. There is a covert war going on and many Leftists and Libertarians are aiding the enemy by trying to undermine the NSA. They are disguising their agenda behind ‘protecting your privacy’, but that is deception.

Check out Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace today, because he will be interviewing former head of the CIA & NSA General Hayden.

From Politico:

The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee says Edward Snowden likely received help stealing information from the National Security Agency — and that help may have come from Russian intelligence officials.

The Blind Sheikh – Benghazi Myth

Conservative News Update:

The stories about kidnapping Amb. Stevens to trade him for the Blind Sheikh was a cover story for the truth. This is my opinion. There is no way the truth would be posted on the Internet and there is no way the Blind Sheikh would be traded for any hostage.

Many of the websites that entertained this ‘conspiracy theory’ always mention the Russian Intelligence Agency known as the FSB. There is your answer right there.


Statue of Brutal Founder of the Russian Secret Police to be Restored in Moscow

Steve Cooper


So, the Russians are returning the statue of Felix Dzerzhinsky, a Soviet butcher to Lubyanka Square in Moscow?

Gee, the Republicans and Democrats insist that Ronald Reagan defeated Communism and the US won the Cold War. So, the US defeated Communism without firing one shot and there is a Marxist President in the White House? Drink some more Kool Aid…

Another interesting fact about Felix Dzerzhinsky is that his birthday happens to be on 9/11/1877 and he is someone that Vladimir Putin admired greatly. Nikita Khrushchev’, the former leader of the USSR just happened to die on 9/11/71.

Did Putin let the Iranians know that 9/11 was a ‘special day’ for them to consider executing the 9/11 attacks?

From the article…

Dzerzhinsky is best known for establishing and developing the Soviet State Security forces under their original name Cheka (1917–26). The Cheka was notorious for torture and mass summary executions, performed especially during the Red Terror and the Russian Civil War.–Moscow-Lawmaker.html

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