Snowden has more U.S.-Israel secrets to expose: Greenwald

Conservative News Update:

The Russians and the American ‘Democrat’ media are cleverly disguising Edward Snowden’s real agenda of undermining US National Security and the security of Israel for the Putin and his Iranian ‘terror proxy’.

Socialists like Bernie Sanders and Michael Moore are defending Edward Snowden right next to Rand Paul. This is why I really call him RAND FRAUD.

The Conservative Monster is one of the few websites that has the guts to call out these Libertarian frauds that shout loud they are conservative as they give aid and comfort to America’s enemies.

Peter King was on the money when he stated that Rand Paul is a disgrace and part of the hate America crowd. The people are just to brainwashed to know what Rep King means, but I know exactly what he is saying.

Rand Paul is a Senator that has access to sensitive information about the terrorist threat; yet he continues to act as a ‘shield’ for the enemy while trying to undermine US Foreign Intelligence capabilities.

Rand Paul’s assault against drones and the NSA were really a way for him to protect the Muslim terrorists while making the public believe he was protecting Americans.


My Twitter Conversation with Glenn Greenwald

Apparently, Glenn only likes softball questions from stooges like Eric Bolling of Fox News. He ran away…because he feared where I was going.


Glenn Greenwald speaks at 2013 Socialist Conference

Steve Cooper


Keep protecting the Communists behind the label ‘Progressive’…cowards. All of your Libertarian pals are guilty of this as well. Libertarians and Liberals are BOTH Revolutionaries.


Edward Snowden chose to betray the USA to known COMMUNIST Glenn Greenwald.


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