Will a Middle East War Be Used to Sell the Need for World Government?

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

It is interesting that there always seems to be a spike in chaos one month prior to a G-8 or a G-20 Summit. This is to sell the people the need for a much tighter cooperation between the world’s powers to solve ‘Global’ issues. Death, economic chaos, threats of war with WMD’s. This trauma causes fear and that is when they got ya.

This is called Pre-conditioning. Pre-conditioning is a process in which an entity is exposed to a form of some stress or stimulus to prepare it for further encounters with a similar stress or stimulus.

I have noticed that many videos that try to brainwash people show traumatic images in rapid succession to shock and awe the viewer to pay attention. The images basically hypnotize the viewer. The 9/11 Truther movement did this to brainwash millions on You Tube. This is also done to bring out emotion and to open the viewer up to suggestion. To make them vulnerable.

An example would be the video of death in Syria and the chemical attack. This was released to the public to create shock and mental trauma. This mental trauma makes some people shut down the news, sad or enrages others. No matter what it is done for a reason.

The media shows people images of death in Syria and then two weeks later video of the world’s leaders gathering together at the G-20 to solves the world’s problems. This is done to ‘comfort’ so people will feel more at ease. They are selling the need for World Government.

An economic disaster will be staged during and after this coming Middle East war. The US and Israel will be blamed for this economic chaos. This will be used as propaganda to get rid of ‘tired’ Capitalism for something new, but it won’t really be new. It will be Communism sold under a different banner. Massive wealth redistribution like never seen before in the world. The UN already recycles American money to the rest of the world. This is a global tax being disguised as ‘financial aid’.

Progressive World Government will probably be used as the term since that label is much cleaner than the tainted labels of Socialism and Communism.

Syria, WW III and Changing the World Forever


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