Benghazi Hearings: Hillary Clinton will faint ‘for real’ on May 8th

Hillary Clinton

Steve Cooper


Why would the Russians hire Muslims for the Benghazi attack? They weren’t happy about weapons being smuggled to the Syrian rebels by Amb Stevens.
Rand Paul mentioned this to Hillary and she pretended that she didn’t now what he was saying. I believe that it was the CIA doing it and it was CLASSIFIED.


The Israeli attack on Syria knocked Benghazi out of the news, but not totally.

Face the Nation did go ahead with this report on the Benghazi hearing and I am sure that Hillary Clinton appreciated it.

Witness Greg Hicks said, “My jaw hit the floor when I heard Susan Rice blame a You Tube video for the 9/11 Libya attack”.

I believe that is all a show trial, because the Republicans don’t have the guts to charge Hillary Clinton with PERJURY…


FOX NEWS report by James RosenĀ 

Breitbart report on Libya talking points

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