Russia sends ships to Gaza

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Abbas Seeks UN Recognition for Palestine Next Week

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So, launching rockets into Israel was a way to get some attention before this UN resolution to recognize Palestine next week?

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Hamas Hands Out Candy Following Tel Aviv Bus Bombing

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Video: Israeli Airstrike Flattens Hamas Commander’s House

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Apparently the IDF gave this Hamas commander a warning to evacuate his house with his family, because it was about to be bombed. So, he took video of his own house being bombed.

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Weasel Zippers: Hamas drags body of Israeli spy

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Weasel Zippers (@weaselzippers) tweeted at 11:19 AM on Tue, Nov 20, 2012:
Picture: Hamas Drags Body Of Man Accused Of Being A “Spy” Through Streets In Gaza…

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Video: Hamas Proud To Use Human Shields In Gaza

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Rupert Murdoch Tweet: ‘Can’t Obama Stop His Friends in Egypt Shelling Israel?’

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