Michael Savage from 2010: Bring Back Hearings on Communist Infiltration (HUAC)

Steve Cooper Theconservativemonster.com HUAC – The House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) was a powerful and controversial force in the investigation of alleged communist activity in America. History.com Donate to The Conservative Monster via Paypal.com Back to Home Page Please use the…

Is it Time for Military Tribunals to Weed Out Communist Infiltration?

Steve Cooper redalertnow.com   Several years ago I heard Michael Savage call for the return of HUAC. What is HUAC? It was a committee that investigated Un-American Activities (Communist infiltration) from 1947-1975. I instantly posted on The Conservative Monster.com that…

Michael Savage: It is Time to Investigate Un-American Activites – Bring Back HUAC

Michael Savage – Feb 2010 Retired Military Officer Running for Congress: Obama and His Insurgents are the Gravest Threat to National Security. Bring Back HUAC to Investigate Infiltration http://redalertnow.com/?p=2166