The Democrats Dumped Hurricane Sandy for Sandy Hook for Political Gain

Steve Cooper

The Democrats (and the media) exploited the victims of Hurricane Sandy to make Obama look more Presidential rather than a Community Organizer. Then, they exploited the slaughtered children from Sandy Hook to further the Democrats ‘gun ban’ agenda.

Assault rifles are guns and the Democrats want to ban them; therefore this is a GUN BAN.

The media script shifts from crisis to crisis, because it is all about furthering the radical Leftist agenda. It is 20 degrees and the victims of Hurricane Sandy are living in tents to stay warm as Obama preaches about Global Warming and Gun control.

  • A hurricane kills and the Democrats blame GLOBAL WARMING.
  • A GUN kills and the Democrats blame the NRA.
  • The debt exploded from wars started by Muslims and the democrats blame Bush. – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s 

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People trading gas for sex on Craigslist

Steve Cooper

Courtesy of DRUDGE


Could you imagine what the media and the mentally ill leftists would be saying if George Bush were President right now?

You wanted CHANGE? Here it is sheep…choke on it! – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies

Video of Rockaway Residents Begging and Screaming at Mayor Bloomberg for Hot Chocolate & Water – Nov. 3rd, 2012

Steve Cooper

This video was taken by NY1 on Nov. 3rd, 2012 – Rockaways, NY.


The City, State and Federal Government can’t get coffee, hot chocolate or bottled water to residents of the Rockaways, NY after 5 days?  Hypothermia and dehydration can set in after 3 days or less depending on the environment or if you are elderly. This can also lead to kidney damage.

Talking about Global Warming does not make the people that are freezing feel any ‘warmer’. I am sure that Mayor Bloomberg is a nice man, but he is an ‘out of touch Elitist’. Mayor Bloomberg was more worries about his ego and controlling diets by banning soda than preparing for disasters it seems.

There are reports that Mayor Bloomberg didn’t want the National Guard to assist on the streets, because of their guns. The National Guard could certainly be used to clear out many of these downed trees so the utility companies can make repairs much faster, but what do I know?

Why do Elitists like Bloomberg and Obama fear and despise the Military so much? The Military is an obstacle to their ultimate goal of a dictatorship and control over the people.

Starvation of the victims of Hurricane Sandy is a good way for Bloomberg and Obama to battle obesity and thin the population…it worked very well for Mao and Stalin. Thank God George Bush is not the president right now, because the media would be looking to Katrina him, but Democrats get a free pass.

How come FEMA could not mobilize to the Rockaways and Staten Island in 5 days? A lot can happen to a person after 5 days of being exposed to the elements with no water. This is why I always tell people to be ready for survival at ALL TIMES.

Take nothing for granted…..

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The Associated Press – BREAKING: Government tells public to stay away from free NY fuel stations until 1st responders get gas

Steve Cooper

The Associated Press (@AP) tweeted at 2:30 PM on Sat, Nov 03, 2012:
BREAKING: Government tells public to stay away from free NY fuel stations until 1st responders get gas. #Sandy


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We are Going to Die! Hurricane Sandy Victim Begs Obama & Schumer for Help

Steve Cooper


Obama? He is in Vegas and Ohio eating steak…campaigning ….

Senator Schumer gave this woman his card and told her to call him if the supplies are not there by that night. I give him credit for that, but there are reports that the media edited him out of that clip to protect him. – Media Selectively Edits Chuck Schumer out of Sandy Victim’s Pleas for Help – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies

The NYPD and National Guard Deliver Truck Loads of Food to Victims of Hurricane Sandy

Steve Cooper

The NYPD and National Guard on Friday loaded tons of food and water into trucks bound for New Yorkers affected by Hurricane Sandy, with One World Trade Center visible behind the pallets of supplies at Floyd Bennett Field. – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies

Hurricane Sandy Chaos in Levittown, NY: Fist fights over coffee and long gas lines

Steve Cooper


I spoke with a friend that lives in Levittown, NY and he told me some stories that were just horrible.

  • He saw a fist fight over coffee at a local convenience store
  • Nobody has money, because the ATM’s are not working
  • He is using his mailbox as a refrigerator to keep his juice cold
  • He has to take a shower at the local gym and the hot water is gone by the time it is his turn
  • He is freezing, because there is no heat in his house
  • FEMA and the Red Cross is nowhere to be found
  • The gas lines go for 3-4 blocks long.

Where is Obama? He is eating steaks in Vegas. The media is giving Obama and FEMA a free pass, but it would be a different story if we were talking about GEORGE BUSH. I think Andrew Cuomo needs to get out to Long Island, but he is a no show so far.

My friend was blaming LIPA Power company, but they can only work so fast. The conditions are very hazardous… – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies