Were the Interpol photos of the Iranian men with fake passports Photoshopped?

Why do the two men in these photos have the SAME LEGS?


It wouldn’t shock me if ‘the powers that be’ want to protect Iran from being linked to terrorism involving the ‘missing’ Malaysian Jet.



Anonymous takes down Interpol website

Steve Cooper

I posted an article last week questioning if Interpol should raid the Ecuadorian Embassy to arrest Julian Assange since it is on sovereign territory. ONE WEEK LATER, the communist stooges that worship Assange have hacked the Interpol website.


Should Interpol Arrest Assange?

Should Interpol Arrest Assange?

Steve Cooper



Ecuador has announced that they will give asylum to Wikileaks founder and fugitive from justice, Julian Assange. Ecuador is knowingly undermining justice, British and EU Laws as well.

Interpol, International Police have the powers to arrest criminals or suspects involved with white-collar crime, computer crime, intellectual property crime and corruption.

Assange would have to be charged by the United States for theft of computer crimes and then Interpol can arrest Assange.


Ecuador will argue that their Embassy is immune to any police raid, but they are not.  Ecuador can file a complaint AFTER the raid is done and Assange is arrested.

Ecuador is harboring a fugitive that has violated the terms of his bail.