2009 Rand Paul Speech: Cheney Manipulated US Into Iraq War for Profit

Conservative News Update:

Gee, ‘Iran Paul’ sounds like a liberal to me. Maybe this is why the Lefties at Berkeley gave Rand Paul a standing ovation? Paul is an undercover Karl Marx…


The strange hate for ‘Lone Survivor’ by Rich Lowry

Conservative News Update:

LONE SURVIVOR by Marcus Luttrell

Why would Liberals try to undermine the success of the movie Lone Survivor? Liberals are traitors that have contributed to the deaths of US Troops during Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan due to their support for the enemy. Libertarians were right there next to Liberals protesting against George Bush, screaming about torture and so on.

Liberals undermine ALL wars, because they believe the only way to achieve peace is through surrender. This is why they always say “We need to find a political solution”. Karl Marx said “The meaning of peace is absence to resistance to Socialism”. This is what 9/11 was really about. To attack Capitalism and to end the resistance to Socialism. The Socialists hired Muslims to do their dirty work for them. Yes, they are cowards, but they are also traitors.

Here is Rich Lowry’s editorial from the NY Post on why Liberals hate Lone Survivor:

The movie “Lone Survivor” didn’t get any major Oscar nominations, but perhaps it should’ve been nominated for Most Unlikely Politically Incorrect Picture of the Year.


FLASHBACK: When Democrats tried to defund Iraq war

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

The Democrats voted for the Iraq War and then they undermined US Troops once their boots were on the ground.


From The Daily Caller:

Ironically, Harry Reid was the one Democratic leader to briefly support defunding the war. Despite calling the “defund Obamacare” movement “irresponsible and futile” and labeling Republicans in support of defunding Obamacare “anarchists” who need to “get a life,” in April 2007 Reid introduced a similar bill aimed at ending funding for the Iraq War within a year.


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Iraq War Flashback: John Kerry Calls American Troops Terrorists

Steve Cooper

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Ron Paul: The Neo Cons are DEAD

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

Interesting article by Dr. Ron Paul. I am wondering when Moscow or Tehran wrote it for him? I guess Paul is trying to rally his merry band of Soviet fools that worship him? I will never drink that Kool Aid.

Ron Paul is a communist rat that once called Gaza a “concentration camp”. His foreign policy is to the left of Jimmy Carter and Obama. The problem is that the American people are too dumbed down to know this and Fox News is afraid to say it.

The Conservative Monster isn’t mainstream, because I call it like I see it. It is politically incorrect to use the word communist; therefore I use it about 100 times per day just to piss off Libertarians and Democrats.

Rand Paul was the only Senator to vote FOR Iran to protect them from sanctions. Even the far left in the Senate voted for sanctions. I refuse to buy into the Libertarian frauds and it has cost me in web traffic, but I don’t care.

Ron Paul talks about costly wars?

These wars were a SET UP. The Democrats voted for the Iraq War and then they undermined he troops once their boots were on the ground. During the Iraq War, Libertarians attacked George Bush and the US Military more fierce than the Democrats did. Why? Libertarian foreign policy is the same as a communist from the 60’s.

Ron Paul blames American foreign policy for terrorism and problems in the world and this propaganda mirrors the lies told by the Kremlin. This is why many Ron Paul followers love Pravda, Russia Today and they are 9/11 Truthers.

Libertarians also love to attack ‘the bankers’ and Israel. Once you put the pieces of the Libertarian puzzle together it spells several different words such as Nazi, white supremacist and Communist. Not all of course…there are many that have no idea that they are aligned with such radical Marxist trash.


The Republican Party is afraid to ‘out’ the frauds like Ron Paul and his son that have infiltrated their party, because McCain and his pals are RINO cowards. The Conservative movement has NO VOICE.


Why do you think Ron Paul is inviting communist Dennis Kucinich to this conference? Answer: They share the same foreign policy views.

Many Libertarians tend to be revolutionaries and Obama is their dream come true. They love to bash Obama, because it is their goal to incite and provoke the people into revolution. This would help give Obama more power, because the Military is backing Obama…not Ron Paul. Try explaining this to pothead Libertarians…


Ron Paul said:

The neo-conservative era is dead. The ill-advised policies pushed by the neo-cons have everywhere led to chaos and destruction, and to a hatred of the United States and its people.


Ron Paul’s Russian commie pals reported this story as well – http://rt.com/usa/institute-neocon-ron-paul-786/



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Obama Firing 20,000 Marines? Dismantling the Marines Equals Surrender to a ‘Proxy Dictatorship’?

Steve Cooper


Dictators don’t fear petitions or protests. They fear guns and that is why disarming the people is a priority. – Steve Cooper


This article by the Free Beacon website claims that 20,000 Marines will be cut from the Armed Forces in the next few years. Leftists are working for the enemy by leaving the USA vulnerable to International and Domestic tyranny. This is Treason from within, but Bush will be blamed of course and the people won’t have a clue….as usual.

I am not only talking about our Global enemies when I say dismantling the Military equals surrender. We are surrendering to their Domestic proxies or a ‘Proxy Dictatorship”. I do see Obama as a Proxy dictator that is working on behalf of Russia, China and Iran.

Don’t be fooled by the coming ‘staged feud’ that the Russians and Obama will display for the world. It is deception, because they are very talented actors. Hillary Clinton was a perfect example of that last week along with her grand finale on 60 minutes with Obama. Media assisted, orchestrated for public consumption to cleanse the negative attacks against Hillary about the 9/11 Libya attack.

This story about 20,000 Marines being fired circulated several months ago, but I didn’t post it on The Conservative Monster due to not trusting the sources. I trust the Free Beacon.

Why did Homeland Security label returning veterans as possible terrorist threats? ANSWER: Returning vets knew that the Democrats betrayed them during the war and they were NOW in power.

The goal of our enemies and the Democrats was to start these wars, handcuff the troops with Liberal rules of engagement once their ‘boots’ were on the ground and then get the media to blame the Republicans for it. It worked like a charm.

Obama doesn’t need the Marines, because of several reasons:

  • They are loyal to the US Constitution; unlike Obama
  • Obama has surrendered the US economy to Socialism and he withdrew US Troops from Iraq. Our enemies are satisfied that he is being loyal to them by his actions.
  • Disarm the people and the US Marines? This is heading towards TYRANNY
  • Suppressing and dismantling Capitalism will end the wars against our enemies, but I believe they have one big STAGED war left in them. This is to convince the people to accept Global Government.

How is Obama allowed to end these wars?

By proving his loyalty….to the enemy.


“The meaning of peace is ABSENCE to resistance to Socialism” – Karl Marx

The Iraq and Afghanistan wars were against Iran (and Pakistan) and they acted as a proxy for Russia and China. This is why WW III was mentioned whenever the threat got too real for Iran. The war was against Iran, but it never extended past their borders. The front lines were always in Iraq and Afghanistan.

George Bush’s plan to surround Iran was in place since Iraq and Afghanistan are on the border of Iran, but the Democrats threatened to impeach Bush if he attacked Iran in 2006. The American people gave the majority to the Democrats in the Congress and Senate; this stupidity undermined the wars…and the troops.

I knew that we were in deep trouble when the Democrats got the majority in 2006 (before Obama was a household name). I kept warning people that a “Marxist Revolution was coming”, but they had no idea what I was talking about. They understand NOW.

In 2007, US Troops were taking high casualties in Iraq, because Iran was sending everything they had to resist the US to prevent an attack on them next. I suspect that Bush told Russian President Putin that Iran will be attacked if they continue the bloodshed against US Troops.

Vladimir Putin flew to Iran and he had a meeting with Iranian President Ahmadinejad and the violence in Iraq against US Troops by Iranian proxies started to lessen several weeks after that meeting.

I am writing all of this from memory…and there is no record of this on the Internet that I know of.

The Democrats have a long history of trying to dismantle the US Military and the CIA. They are doing so on behalf of their Russian comrades since this has been the desire of the Kremlin since the end of WW II.

Go to freebeacon.com for more 



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Democrat Gun Control Frenzy Gave Massive Traffic Surge to The Conservative Monster

Steve Cooper

The desire to ban guns by LEFTISTS after the tragic shooting in CT gave The Conservative Monster a massive traffic surge of over 69% in the domestic Internet rankings.

As usual, the Democrats are ‘exploiting death for political gain’ as they did with US Soldiers during the Iraq War. Andrew Cuomo and Mike Bloomberg were the first to draw blood. The Elite are desperate to disarm the middle class, because the next stage of economic collapse is executed.

The Democrats lied about Obamacare and they are also lying about gun control. They don’t want to just ban large magazines. They want to disarm the MIDDLE CLASS, but the Elite will have plenty of armed bodyguards to hold back the riff raff.

They also want to bring down the NRA, ammo dealers and gun manufacturers. Several years ago, the EPA was even going after the ammo dealers by using ‘lead contamination of the environment’.

The people know that the media is lying to them and they are looking elsewhere for the truth. Thank you for trusting The Conservative Monster.

Monster archives – Andrew Cuomo

Monster archives – Mike Bloomberg


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