DNC Sending DC Village Idiot Biden to Crash RNC Convention?



SOURCES: Biden at GOP convention; Secret Service in Tampa say they are Biden advance -- he's coming Monday or Tuesday... Developing...




SE Cupp Turns MSNBC Race Baiter into a Stuttering Fool

The MSNBC host started to panic, because their affirmative action commentator Touré Neblett was no match for SE Cupp.

Do the Republicans Want the Democrats to Choose Hillary as VP? American Crossroads: “Run, Joe. Run”

Steve Cooper

Funny video – I think the Republicans want Hillary in sooner rather than later, because she has so many skeletons in her closet. The problem is that if they announce her in Sept, they have very little time to attack her. I believe that is why the Democrats are delaying this decision as long as possible…if it does happen.

I find it interesting that John McCain also planted the Hillary VP seed the other day. Those of you that read my Facebook page know that I have been predicting that this might happen since May 2011. I also said Romney would be the nominee back then as well, but you all told me that a ‘Pizza-man’ was going to save you. Now, that was funny.

The Secret Service Buys Up Coffee and Cupcakes from Virginia Bakery That Said No to VP Biden Visit

Steve Cooper

The owner of this bakery has guts. The Secret Service are some cool guys. I met a bunch of retired Secret Service Agents when I was a Police Officer and I was doing security for an Official Visit.

The agents were telling me how much they hated Hillary Clinton and Al Gore. They said that Gore and Hillary were very nasty to them, but Bill Clinton was not too bad. They also said that the Bush’s were the nicest people that they have ever met. They LOVED Laura Bush.


McCain says Obama Would Be ‘Wise’ to Replace Joe Biden with Hillary Clinton

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I tweeted this at 1:55am this morning, because I knew something might be happening with Hillary soon.

The C Monster@cnin

Will the September surprise be VP Hillary?

1:55 AM – 15 Aug 12 via Twitter for Android · Details




McCain says Obama Would Be ‘Wise’ to Replace Joe Biden with Hillary Clinton on the Ticket http://t.co/pK0lLezs — ABC News Politics (@ABCPolitics)