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Russian FM Blasts John Kerry for Calling RT News Network ‘Propaganda Bullhorn’

Conservative News Update: NOW this is funny, but still this is all theater…. http://en.ria.ru/russia/20140425/189364004/Lavrov-Blasts-Kerry-for-Calling-RT-News-Network-Propaganda.html

What difference does it make? John Kerry topped a list of ‘traitors’ compiled by Hillary Clinton during 2008 campaign

Conservative News Update: What difference does it make? EVIL PEOPLE… The Russians wanted John Kerry to be Sec of State of Hillary for the longest time. There is more to this feud than what you see in the surface. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2538498/John-Kerry-topped-list-traitors-compiled-Hillary-Clinton-2008-presidential-campaign.html

FOX News: AGREEMENT NEAR? Kerry to join Iran nuclear talks as Israel rejects deal

Obama allies with Iran? AGREEMENT NEAR? Kerry to join Iran nuclear talks as Israel rejects deal, http://fxn.ws/1dRx2IY – Sent via the FOX News Android App. Posted from WordPress for Android

Ted Cruz Obamacare Filibuster is a Distraction for John Kerry Signing the UN Arms Treaty

Steve Cooper The Conservative Monster So, I guess Ted Cruz helped be a distraction for john Kerry signing the UN Arms Treaty. The POWERS THAT BE know the Tea Party rookies are easily distracted by shiny objects. I wonder why the…