Santa Monica Mass Shooter: Another College Revolutionary?

John Zawahri

Steve Cooper

When will people wake up to the fact that I am correct about these mass shooters and bombers being brainwashed in college to start a ‘bloody’ revolution. Islam and Communism are brothers for the time being until Capitalism is destroyed. They are working hand and hand together.

Did John Zawahri worship Che Guevara too like the rest of these punks? Did his professors brainwash him to be antisocial, to hate America and Capitalism like they do to the rest of the youth?

Not all of these shooters are smart enough to understand Marxist revolution. They just know that they are brainwashed to hate society, freedom and they want to cause chaos via bloodshed. Anarchists are an important tool of the Communists. Many Communists also are known to hide behind the ‘Anarchist label’.

The media reported that the police said this mass shooting spree was over the divorce of the shooters parents and that John Zawahri was ‘mentally ill’? Mentally ill? That sounds like every liberal that I know.

WHEN will the radical professors that are brainwashing these kids be held accountable? Don’t you find it interesting the essays that these mass murderers write in college are never released? Privacy? Okay …

This PATTERN is clear as day to me, because most of these mass shooters seem to be the same age. I find it interesting that the information leaked to the public about this killer is very limited. There is no fair trial to undermine since the shooter is dead.

The Boston Bomber suspects were no different, because the Marathon attack was against freedom and capitalism even though it was declared under the banner of Islam.

I have warned that there will be many more shooters like Adam Lanza and John Zawahri. College kids see no opportunity  as they graduate with massive debt and a worthless degree. Professors teach these kids about how bloody revolution is sometimes needed to bring about ‘change’. Does the word ‘change’ sound familiar?

I would love to see the dirt that is being hidden from the public on Adam Lanza and the rest of these killers.

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