Michael Savage Caller Compares Murder Suspect Jodi Arias Lies to Obama

Steve Cooper


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Rep. James Clyburn using the race card to protect Susan Rice?

Steve Cooper

Is Clyburn using the race card or is he just delusional? A leftist would call a Conservative delusional if they dared to say that they saw ‘communist code words’ in a news editorial.

Clyburn sounds like the racist here that sees white Republican boogeymen hiding under his desk. I think Clyburn needs some racial sensitivity training. I guess black Marxists are immune from criticism? Not on this page…



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Obama Didn’t Inherit Anything

Steve Cooper


“Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth” – Joseph Goebbels.


Four years later and Obama is still repeating the lie “We inherited the biggest recession since the Great Depression”. This appears true when you look inside their little ‘box of lies’, but not when you take a peek outside of that box.

I explained to many people during the summer of 2008 that a staged economic attack was coming very soon, because we were in the middle of a war against Capitalism. The enemy are Communists and they are being aided by Muslim terrorists. Then, the media was going to use this economic attack to turn the people against Capitalism, George Bush and the Republicans.

This conspiracy is over the head of the average reality show, junk food junkies that sit in front of the TV all day watching worthless programming. The programming however is priceless to the leftists, because it keeps the American people in the dark about their Socialist agenda.

How come nobody is pleading the case for Socialism if it is so good for the people? Instead, it is hidden behind words like class warfare and redistribution of wealth.

The task is left in my hands, because the Republicans are afraid to speak the truth. Newt, Hannity and the other script readers told you for years that Reagan defeated communism, but that was a lie. Why does the USA need Russia to give us a lift into space if we defeated them? I think that someone needs to tell Putin, Obama and Soros that Communism was defeated, because I think they missed that memo.

Russia, China and the Arab world have united to wreck American Capitalism and the dollar by using Al Qaeda as a proxy to attack the USA. These wars have nothing to do with Israel or our policies towards them as Ron Paul says. The Republicans are afraid of this Axis of Evil that the Democrats are collaborating with. There is a lot on the line in this election tomorrow, because the Communists see this as a chance to put the final knife into the back of Capitalism.

These wars are about defeating Capitalism. I do find it interesting that the word Capitalism and Socialism were never brought up in the debates. That is frightening, but it went over mostly everybody’s head.

September 11th: The War Against Capitalism

A Little Communist and Muslim False Flag History

Kevin Freeman: Economic Terrorism Against America

This Election is MUST WIN for the Socialist Enemy


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Obama Campaign Manager Blames Romney Ryan for Benghazi | MichelleFields.com

Stephanie Cutter – Vile Marxist

Steve Cooper

These bastards have no shame. Stephanie Cutter is the lowest cut throat that I have ever seen in politics. She is selling her soul for Obama votes.

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