Egypt: 42 dead after gunmen open fire at Muslim Brotherhood protest

Steve Cooper


This unrest is being done on purpose to create instability in the Middle East so the price of oil goes up. Who benefits? Russia, Iran and OPEC, but the Communists will shout Exxon so corporations can be blamed.


Plus, this chaos puts Israel into more danger since they are right on the Egyptian border.


Leftists are applauding the Egyptian revolution (coup), because the US is being blamed for it. Also, it weakens US influence in the Middle East and puts Israel’s back towards the wall even further. This is exactly what Putin wants. The analysts in the media will never tell you this truth.


The Syrians were very pleased that Morsi was booted as well.


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Syrian News Report Showing Graphic Images

Steve Cooper

What is the purpose of all of this?

1. Drive up the price of oil to help the Russian economy

2. To bait the USA into another war. I believe that this war will spread into a staged world war to help usher in Global Government.

3. To create further chaos and misery in the Middle East so Israel could be eventually blamed somehow. Just ask Ron Paul, the Iranian Useful Idiot.

Very Graphic Video of Syrian Civilians Attacked by Their Own Government


Very Graphic Video of Syrian Civilians Attacked by Their Own Government

Steve Cooper

Now do you understand why the Democrats are so hell bent on gun control? Maybe it is because this is what they have planned for you and they don’t want you to be able to fight back?

It is also interesting that Obama chose to remove Qaddafi and has done nothing about Assad.

This video is so bloody and graphic that I was not going to put it on my site, but I changed my mind.